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Paragraph Styles in Photoshop CC

by | Feb 2, 2014 | Articles, Photoshop, Tutorials | 0 comments

Paragraph Styles in Photoshop CC

Paragraph Styles in Photoshop CC

Back when I went to design school, I was always told one of the golden rules of typography was not to do any of it inside of Photoshop. This was a good rule, because for years Photoshop couldn’t handle it well. Sure, you could design a killer title or short typographic work. The problem came when you had long strings of text, such as a paragraph or more of text. You just didn’t have the control you needed in order to handle long body text. Usually, you would flatten your graphic and bring the Photoshop file into Indesign or Quark (Gasp!) and you would handle your text there. If you had multiple pages or multiple paragraphs, you could control every aspect of your text from there, and it was great. Now, Photoshop has stepped up their game by adding paragraph styles in Photoshop CC. I might still do all of my text in InDesign if I am working on larger projects, but it is nice to has paragraph styling options for smaller projects as well. The best part is that I never have to leave Photoshop. In the video below, you’ll learn how to control paragraph styles in Photoshop CC. You’ll even see how to fix a snag that you might run into when working with them!

Conclusion: Paragraph Styles in Photoshop CC

So what do you think about paragraph styles in Photoshop CC? I think they are a great addition. Any type of feature that can make your life easier is a welcome addition. Having precise control over your typography is essential for a professional workflow. Do you have any questions about Paragraph Styles in Photoshop CC? If you do, or you have any thoughts to add, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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