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Parallels Free Psd Template

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Articles, Photoshop | 0 comments

Parallels Free Psd Template

Creating a consistent look and a killer layout can be tough. It’s not as difficult as it used to be, however, due to the evolution of flat design. When you find just the right layout for your website, your content will shine. This week’s free Photoshop file is the Parallels free psd template by Vitaliy Kudelevskiy. The Parallels Free Psd Template is a one page website template packed with content and features every part of a website that you would expect from a professional designer. You can preview the Parallels Free Psd Template.

Parallels Free Psd Template: Main

With a combination of beautiful images, graphics, and bold typography, the Parallels Free Psd Template is a great template for any website.

Parallels Free Psd Template: Gauges

You can list your skills here. The graphics throughout the Parallels Free Psd Template are clean and consistent. Consistency is a major part of every great website.

Parallels Free Psd Template: Services

Listing your main services is important with any website. No one should be confused about who you are or what you actually do.

Parallels Free Psd Template: Portfolio

Having a great portfolio section is key for gaining new clients. With a clean grid layout, this template shows off your work in the best way.

Parallels Free Psd Template: Pricing Tables 1

Parallels Free Psd Template: Pricing tables

With great pricing tables and a testimonial, your clients will know what to expect, and it will be backed up with a positive client experience.

Parallels Free Psd Template: About us


Adding personal images of your team puts a face with your business, which is essential for making a connection and humanizing your company. No one likes a massive, faceless corporation.


Parallels Free Psd Template: Contact Us

A clean and simple contact form is key, especially for any inquiries about business.

Parallels Free Psd Template: Social Media

Having a section where people can connect with you in other ways, such as social media, is a great way to build relationships and get people to open up.

Download the Parallels Free Psd Template

The Parallels Free Psd Template is a free Psd template that you can download and use in your website. You can use it personally or commercially, you just can’t resell it or redistribute it. To download, click the download button below.

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