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Piccolo Html5 Template

Creating a website with style is what counts when you want to stand out from others. Each week I share a free html5 template, and this week, the free Piccolo Html5 Template by Wegraphics is what I deemed share worthy. The Piccolo Html5 Template is a great free website template for an artist, photographer or designer. The Piccolo Html5 Template is well structured, and has a few nice gallery features. With multiple galleries, a multiple blog styles, and a responsive design, you won’t want to miss this free html5 template. You can preview the Piccolo Html5 Template below.

Piccolo Html5 Template home

This html5 template features a large gallery image, meta information, and a nice Read more button. The sidebar looks great and the overall appearance is unified.

Piccolo Html5 Template round gallery

This is an example of a round gallery featured in the Piccolo html5 template. This is a nice break from the normal rectangular or square galleries that you find often.

Piccolo Html5 Template single gallery

The single gallery features a huge image on the left, with detailed information on the right side. This would be great for a designer’s portfolio, because you could provide details about the project you created.

Piccolo Html5 Template blog

This is one of the blog style layouts. I really like how the date and meta information is in a column on the left side of the featured image.

Piccolo Html5 Template contact

The contact page features a nice contact page, with the icons to the left of each field as a nice touch. Your contact information is on the right side, and there is a Google map in the right corner.

Download the Piccolo Html5 Template

The Piccolo html5 template is a great free website template that a designer, agency, photographer, or artist could use for their website. With a clean look, tons of features and a spectacular layout, your site will be easy to navigate and it’ll look great! To download the Piccolo html5 template, click the link below to preview or download.

Preview | Download