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Signs Your Design Client May be a Dud

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Articles, Graphic Design | 0 comments

Signs Your Design Client May be a Dud

How to Screen Each Design Client

Think of the possibilities if freelancers had x-ray vision. If this were possible, freelancers would longer meet any problem in distinguishing a great and qualified client from a dud or worthless one. Unfortunately, even the richest and professional designers don’t have x-ray vision. However, there are still effective methods for you to identify a fraud from ideal one. You just need to learn how to identify a dud or deadbeat design client.

A deadbeat design client is one who gives freelancers a lot of problems, especially while a project project is going on. They bottleneck deadlines, especially when you need to finish it within the allotted time. The following are types of bogus design clients and how to tell if they are a fraud:

The Late Payer or The Thrift

This seems to be a perfect client, a client that is incomparable. They provide feedback when you inform or educate them about the various aspects related to the design. However, they question things when it comes to money. They would even say these lines while you are explaining things; “I am on a really tight budget”, “Why does a content management system costs that much?” With this client, expect that you will be paid, but you will also haggle through the whole project regarding the price. You can also expect your payment about 3 to 4 months from the time you’ve sent your final notice.

The Picky or Choosy Person

Giving enough time and attention to certain detail is the top of the list of a picky or choosy client. This type of client doesn’t have specific time frame in their mind regarding the project that you are proposing. However, they also have a specific vision for it. Captain Picky appears to be inspiring, creative and very much attentive with your project. The same is with the deadbeat client earlier, this can also be a person who utter lines like “Did you get my email?”, “Could you do this again but in green?” Or “I really would like for this project to turn out like I have it envisioned.” This client will also pay you. However you will be lucky if you get the amount you deserve.

The Walking Billboard or Profit Share

Cool, calm and collected. This type of person or also known as “The Profit Share” appears to be very charismatic. The term “opportunity” is in the middle of this client’s name. You feel refreshed after your first meeting and dealings with this person. You might even feel vaguely inspired and excited of working with him. However this person also has the reputation of being a hustler or mover-and-shaker. They also usually say lines like “I really think this site is a million dollar idea.”, “I know and/or partnered with a famous business enthusiast just last year.” and “By letting you help with our site, you should see some big money”.

Identifying a dud from a qualified design client is not that easy, so you have to make sure that before signing a contract with them, you familiarize yourself with them fully.

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