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Starnight HTML5 Website Template

Website templates are great for jumpstarting a new project. After you developed your initial concept, if a template fits well with the objectives that you’re trying to accomplish, it can save you a lot of time. The Starnight HTML5 website template by  is the free template of the week. It is a one-page design that uses parallax scrolling. It looks beautiful, it’s highly streamlined, and it has subtle animations that add to the user experience. You can preview the Starnight HTML5 website template below, and find out about more features.


I like the fact that the Starnight HTML5 website template utilizes the standard mobile menu. This keeps everything neat and compact. I like how they also combined the mobile menu, with the parallax scrolling menu. When you click on one of the menu items, it scrolls down to the corresponding section.


There are subtle transitions spread throughout the Starnight HTML5 website template. Certain elements may fade in gradually, while others may shift in position in a subtle fashion. This is a nice added effect, which makes the experience more enjoyable for the user.


The layout feels open, with a lot of space between lines of text, and around other content. This is great, because the site doesn’t feel cluttered. There are also different sections with sliding content, such as testimonials, in areas with information. The different colors really make each section stand out. Even though the design is built as only one page, I feel like it would be easy to create many pages with this setup.

Starnight HTML5 Website Template content

Download the Starnight HTML5 Website Template

Starnight is a great base template for any parallax website. Created with Bootstrap 3, you can be sure that your website will be designed mobile first. You can download Starnight for free by clicking the link below. You’ll be taken directly to the download page Creek and access the free template.

Download Starnight