Getting Started With Branding Part 1

Getting Started With Branding Part 1 Branding is in the world around us. Branding can make or break any business. Branding does a lot of things, but what does it matter to you if you don't even know what branding is? That is where I come in. What is a Brand? A brand...

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Why I buy Apple: My Personal Experience

In this day and age, customer service seems like a rarity, but I had an experience this past week with the Apple Store that really made me a loyal customer for life. I was filled with excitement 2 weekends ago, because I was in  a position where it was time to upgrade...

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An Example of Excellent Branding: Enexis

Enexis is a branding brainchild of the branding and design powerhouse EdenSpiekermann. EdenSpiekermann was founded b the famous and ingenious Erik Spiekermann, co-author of Stop Stealing Sheep & Learn How Type Works. This book is considered a must-have for anyone...

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Is There A Gap Between Your Ears? Lesson Not Learned

After being constantly attacked last week for ruining their logo, Gap decided to revert back to the old logo that everyone knows and loves. They admitted that is was a wrong step for the company, and that the customer comes first, which is great. They should come...

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Design Book Giveaway: Comment for a chance to Win!

Contest Rules: It's simple- All you have to do is go to the Creative Beacon website and post a comment at the bottom of the giveaway announcement page to win. Post a comment about what you think is the most important aspect of branding or identity. Post your comments...

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Designers: Identity and Branding

Identity sets you apart form everyone else it tells everyone who you are, your purpose, and what you are all about. In history, people painted their faces or wore certain colors to identify which tribe they belonged to. They flew certain colored flags, banners or...

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