8 Best Websites to Learn Illustrator

Websites to Learn Illustrator It seems like there are a million places online dedicated to Adobe Photoshop. You can find tons of free Photoshop tutorials, and anything else dedicated to Photoshop. However, when you try to find quality tutorials for Illustrator, it can...

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Create a Burst Effect in Photoshop

Video: Burst Effect in Photoshop It's funny how a simple little trick can take all of the tedious work out of a given task. Little tricks and menus can save you tons of time, but it just takes finding the right combination of filters, effects, and menus to create the...

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How to Work With Photoshop and Illustrator

Work With Photoshop and Illustrator Rapid design and development is a big part of what makes you a successful designer. If you're a freelancer, wasting time can be a wallet-breaking occurrence. A lot of designers find that they work well in either Photoshop or...

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How To Blend Shapes in Illustrator

Blend Shapes in Illustrator Photoshop and Illustrator both have their strengths and weaknesses. I love both of them for different reasons. Photoshop is great for lighting and effects. Illustrator is great for working with shapes. In Photoshop, you can't blend two...

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Cool Stuff For Designers 4

Cool Stuff For Designers 4 This week is another jam-packed week with tons of cool stuff for designers. There is tons of inspiration, such as character art and mind-boggling pencil sketches. You'll see some great examples of hand drawn websites. There's also a chance...

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