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Control Your Type With the Type Touch Tool

Illustrator is great for a lot of different things. You can build shapes quickly and you can create complex designs in a matter of minutes. You can also create vector type designs that scale to epic proportions. I like using Adobe Illustrator for custom typographic art and designs. Adobe has made it even easier to work with type with the Type Touch Tool. The Type Touch Tool takes a more hands on approach to working with and adjusting your type. This isn’t meant for body type, as you are working with baseline shifts and other parameters of your type. This is meant for working with a display typeface instance such as a custom headline. The video below shows you how the Type Touch Tool works in Adobe Illustrator CC.

Benefits of the Type Touch Tool

Being able to adjust the angle of each individual letter all at once is fantastic. Adding the fact that the entire line of text is still editable makes it even better. This makes it easy to go back and make adjustments to kerning. The tool itself makes working with type so much easier. You can make simulated drop caps in seconds and you can adjust your text optically, which is great if you are a visual person. You can worry less about numbers and more about how it looks. This works great for me, because I have a tendency to want to make numbers perfect, even if the type doesn’t look quite right.

type touch tool in illustrator cc


The Type Touch Tool makes it easy to work with type and make visual adjustments. You can quickly make beautiful custom typographic designs that would normally be tough to do in Adobe Illustrator without making each letter individually. The whole word is completely editable, making it easy to apply a style to it and make quick adjustments. What do you think of the Type Touch Tool? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.