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Tips For Using Instagram For Your Business

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Social Media, Tutorials | 0 comments

Using Instagram for Business

The world of digital marketing is a constantly evolving environment for SMB owners and managers. First, you accepted the need for a website, and then the requirement to upgrade it with more functionality and responsiveness. Then, you added Facebook and one or two other social media platforms. Now, you find an increasing number of prospects and customers asking why you aren’t on Instagram. While it is a challenging task to track the new social media platforms and sites, many businesses are adding Instagram to their marketing mix.

From Fun to Serious Business

Initially seen as primarily a picture-sharing site, the people behind Instagram are committed to making it an indispensable business marketing tool. The unique attributes of the platform do make it easy to offer different marketing strategies and tactics, especially those that are seeking to tell a story.

As with all online sites, content is king at Instagram, and you will get the most use of this platform by developing and re-purposing content to fit its positioning. If you take the time to integrate the tools offered, you will actually complement your other platforms, especially Facebook.

Tips to Using Instagram For Business Effectively

Here are 7 tips to maximize your ROI from Instagram followers:

  1. Use the tags creatively. Whenever possible, tag your posts to key customers and staff. Putting a face to your business is a major advantage of this platform.
  2. Use the image tools. Since the goal of Instagram is to add visual impact, take time to learn and use the tools provided by the site. They are frequently updated and allow your content to have a distinctive look
  3. Keep it Light. The fun roots of Instagram are useful even with your business goals. Make sure you develop a personality that attracts the followers you are targeting. Again, using tags helps put a personal touch to your team and market space.
  4. Re-purpose your videos. Facebook now has more uploads of videos than YouTube, a development not missed by Instagram. They now allow you to add videos, and you can get a lot of mileage out of your existing content by selecting appropriate additions to your account.
  5. Use hashtags. As hashtags are the preferred “search and keywords” of social media, you want to spend time being clever with their use. While there are a number of standard uses (#selfie, #throwbackthursday), you want to carefully select and use those appropriate to your marketing goals.
  6. Don’t be a bore or spammer. As with other social media platforms – but especially with this one – people are participating to have fun and participate in a community. Don’t come across as a single-minded marketer, or you will annoy and lose potentially profitable followers.
  7. Use Geotagging. As local search and positioning increases in importance, your use of geotagging will increase the visibility of your business. Create events and special shots that will make great additions to your site while increasing the number of times your location is displayed.

Putting Personality in Your Brand

With just a little effort you will find this platform is both a fun and an effective addition to your marketing mix for both employees and customers.

David co-founded the SEO 101 podcast in 2004 and has been fortunate enough to work with some really amazing people & projects ever since. Today his passions lie in helping SMB’s with Search & Social.

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