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WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet, and there are many reasons for that. You may find that there are many other options available for your blogging experience, but WordPress has an overwhelming number of options for you to chose from should you decide to select it. These reasons range from the fact that it has a great number of plugins, an active user community, its social aspects, and the fact that it is still growing and evolving, only getting better as time goes on. Overall, WordPress is a well-rounded platform that will serve you well.

Top 4 Reasons to Use WordPress as Your Blogging Platform

WordPress and its Social Benefits

WordPress may be a blogging platform, but it does not just have to be used as a blog. WordPress has many options for  social connections to bring more visitors to your website. WordPress can be a site for your business, a portfolio for your art, and can even be a hub for your newly formed corporation. With all of these features available to you, it is easy to bring more people to your website with plugins that help enhance your visitors’ experience, such as feeds, forums, mailing lists, and other available forms of contact that allow your users to better interact with you and your content.

A Vast Array of Plugins

WordPress is especially useful for bloggers of all types because of the enormous plugin database that it sports. If there isn’t a plugin already made for what you are looking for, the answer is to simply look harder. WordPress has a very active community of both professional and amateur coders, all looking to expand upon the program and make it more user-friendly. Be it a more interactive attempt at a portfolio, or making your wordpress ecommerce venture more profitable, there is undoubtedly a plugin for this that will make the process much easier for you, your visitors, and any of your potential customers, should that be what you want your blog to be used for.

WordPress Has an Active User Community

WordPress is still alive and kicking, and has an extremely active user community bent on developing more and more for the platform. What this means for you is constant support and availability from other users that may have been experiencing the same problems as you, and have fixed them through their own knowledge of the platform. You will benefit from this active community in that it will speed up how quickly your problems are resolved, and you will be able to find support whenever you need it.

WordPress Has Constant Development

Because of the active user base, the constant need for new and updated plugins, and the platform itself constantly being developed into something better, WordPress has a constant, steady development that only betters the platform as time goes on. These constant updates insure security for you, as well as a better, easier-to-use interface that makes your blogging experience for both you and your site’s visitors that much easier as time goes on.