Free Plants Animals & Insect Vectors

Having a collection of free shapes and vector files can really boost productivity. By having a library of common vector shapes for plants, animals & insects, you can drop them into your projects whenever the situation arises. When you need outlines or simple shapes, free vector files can really make a job much quicker. Today I have a great resource for you. It is a huge collection of free plants, animals & Insect vectors. They are all silhouettes and they are organized into groups. You have Wild animals, fish, plants, birds, leaves, birds, butterflies, insects and farm animals. Below, you can see what the set of free plants animals & insect vectors look like up close.

plants animals & insect vectors 01 plants animals & insect vectors 02 plants animals & insect vectors plants animals & insect vectors plants animals & insect vectors 04 plants animals & insect vectors 05 plants animals & insect vectors 08 plants animals & insect vectors 07

These free plants animals & insect vectors are an excellent resource for anyone who needs a wide variety of animal and plant vector shapes. From catfish to butterflies, from birds to bees and from cows to flowering branches, it won’t be difficult to find something useful. This would be a great set for working on a wildlife magazine. You could use the silhouettes in a collage. If you were working on a hunting and fishing publication, the wildlife and plant shapes would be great for use throughout the entire project.

Download the Free Plants Animals & Insect Vectors

This set of Free Plants Animals & Insect Vectors is useful for a wide variety of applications. You can use them in brochures, websites, and more. What will you use them for? To download, click the green button below to be taken to the downloads page.


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