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UiHero Website Template Psd

by | May 20, 2014 | Articles, Photoshop | 0 comments

UiHero Website Template Psd

Website templates are a great way to get started with building your own website. Finding a quality website template online isn’t always an easy task. However the free Photoshop file of the week will help you get your website started today. The UiHero website template PSD is a free Photoshop template you can use to base your website on. This template has many user interface elements that you’ll find useful when building your website. You can preview the UiHero website template PSD below.

UiHero Website Template Psd main

The first section of this template has a sliding gallery so that you can show off the different aspects of your product or service. Notice that the device is the main showcase for the site. The menu is text based, but the active page is highlighted by the simple rounded button.

UiHero Website Template Psd info

This next section is informational. You can see that the layout is divided into half and the information and images are alternated to break up the layout.

UiHero Website Template Psd quote

It is always good to have a quote or testimonial on your website. Having the quote in big letters really calls attention to it. Having the person’s portrait and their name underneath is a great way to build trust in your product or service.

UiHero Website Template Psd device

This next section show some key points in your product or service. There is a large call to action button which is essential for conversions. Key points are highlighted with a green checkmark which is a great way to add a positive atmosphere to your website. Underneath it shows a brief section of clients that you’ve worked for. This is also a great way to build trust on your website.

UiHero Website Template Psd portfolio

This is a portfolio section where you can showcase your work and your clients. You can see from the middle image that the intent is to have a hover effect over each image. Here you will show a title and a brief description and a link for more information about this client’s project.

UiHero Website Template Psd image

This section shows images with candid text. This text could be quotes or a powerful message to your visitors. Notice the “contact me” call to action button underneath the text. This is a great way to get your visitors to take action.

UiHero Website Template Psd pricing

Pricing tables are an important part of any product or service. People want to know the different options that they can choose from, as well as the different price levels for each service. Doing this allows your visitors to choose the options that are right for them.

 Download the UiHero Website Template PSD

The UiHero Website Template PSD is a free website template you can use as a base for your own website. There are a lot of basic website elements featured in this template. Using this design as a base, you can create your own professional website. To download this template click the link below to be taken to the download page.


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