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The Ultimate Don’ts In Web Design

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Don’ts In Web Design

Not because you already came up with the focal point of your webpage, it already means you’re a master of web design. The content of your webpage differs greatly from its web design, and these two factors are major determinants of whether your webpage will make it to the top or not. Now, before getting excited on creating a webpage and launching it right away, there are some major don’ts that you should consider for you to know if your webpage is ready to be put up or not.

web design dos and donts

Web Design Don’ts

A lot of webpage owners make the mistake of putting up their website without scrutinizing whether their website is already equipped enough to battle with thousands of webpages battling to survive the virtual realm. If you are going to create a webpage just for personal purposes, it’s alright not to invest too much time and money in creating a perfect webpage. But if the site is for business purposes, then that’s a completely different story.

  • Flashing/Blinking Text and Images: Flashing texts and images were a thing ages ago, but since the web design has greatly evolved, the demand of online viewers has changed significantly. The truth is, no one really likes to see flashing texts in the site their visiting as these are ultimate distractions, and they get in the way of the navigating experience. In addition to this, flashing images will not do well in the image of your webpage. We all know that this feature is present in explicit websites, and I’m quite sure you do not want people to associate your page to pornography. Furthermore, blinking texts look unprofessional and they are downright unattractive.
  • Incomplete Pages: It is quite irritating to visit webpages only to know that a lot of their pages are still under construction. If you think people will understand if you put up an ‘under construction’ sign on the page, then you got it all wrong. This will make readers irritable and they will definitely be more than motivated to close your page once they see that there is really nothing that they can get from your site. Also, make sure that the viewers can get something from clicking the buttons on your webpage. If, for instance, they clicked a button only to find out that there is still no content to be seen, then you are in for a big trouble.
  • Senseless and Overstuffed Pages: Another common mistake most webpage owners do is put so many information in their homepage—information that can also be found in other pages of the site. Never do this. Instead, keep your homepage clean and neat and do not load it with too many information that viewers do not really need. Moreover, avoid putting the same content over and over again under 6 different categories. This will make your page look redundant and it will make readers think that you are lacking content that’s why you keep on putting a single content in various pages just to fill in your website.

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