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10 Sky Blue Facebook Fan Page Layouts

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

 10 Sky Blue Facebook Fan Page Layouts

Winter is not coming. It has already gone. Greet the time of tulips, blue sky and loving cats. Yeah, St. Valentine’s day was a month ago, but love is still in the air. Spring is the best time to revive old intentions, set new goals or just change something in your life.

If you’re a businessman, spring means new customers and new opportunities. It would be great to meet this season as a renewed person. Don’t forget that your business needs some fresh changes as well. Start with your website! Enough using old templates, get a new one.

Social networks have become a very important part of our lives. So, why not use this in your favor? Facebook fan page templates can become your ultimate tool to expand your business to social networks. It’s a great chance to gain new customers as Facebook has over one billion registered users. Pretty good opportunity, isn’t it?

So, what do you get?

Giant Potential Clients Base

It was already said, that 1/7 of all population of the world is registered on Facebook. It’s a monstrous opportunity to get new clients for your business.

Mobile Friendly Templates

Most people use their mobile devices to browse their facebook fan pages or just surf the net. For the greatest convenience, every template is mobile-friendly. This means that users can browse your website without any discomfort.

24/7 Support

Getting new template doesn’t mean that you lose all the benefits of a regular template from, as you get professional support in this case as well.

Low Cost

These templates are ready-made, they cost times less than custom ones. If you’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars on your website – get one of these.

Time Saving

You can upload, install and adjust your template in the matter of hours. Moreover, dealing with them is a super easy thing, even a regular user can handle them.

Licensed Images

Along with getting a great looking template, you get a set of licensed images. It means that you’re free to do with them whatever you want, they will be yours.

There are even more pros, but it’s better to see them with your own eyes. Check out these ten fresh templates made for greeting the spring. Special thanks to TemplateMonster for providing these. If you can’t find what you need – feel free to visit their website for more.

Business Solutions Facebook Fan Page Template

If your clients are twisted and confused – let them ask for help nobody but you.

39812- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

Refreshing Kitesurfing Facebook Fan Page Template

Very thematic template for a website about kitesurfing. You feel yourself already kiting only by entering the website.

40715- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

Successful Business Facebook Fan Page Template

Stick the smile of contentment to your clients’ faces as they won’t be able to be grumpy after your flawless support.

41236- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

Diving Club Facebook Fan Page Template

Get this theme, underwater atmosphere included. Don’t forget to put on your scuba diving equipment before entering this website.

40368- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

Management Company Facebook Fan Page Template

From managing space program to kindergarten matinee, your company can handle everything.

43983- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

Smooth Software Company Facebook Fan Page Template

Your clients don’t really need to know about all the complicated things how something works. It works, and it works perfectly.

39321- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

Ski Resort Facebook Fan Page Template

This website will remind your old clients how great it was there in mountains, and show the new ones how amazing it could be.

39184- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

Genius University Facebook Fan Page Template

Successful people are always extremely wise. So do you, so do your graduates. Show your wittiness to everybody by getting this theme.

41629- Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

The Smartest Business Facebook Fan Page Template

You don’t even need to check out your opponents as with this theme you’ll be so far ahead, that they will seem to be just a tiny dots.

39015- Facebook Fan Page Layouts

Details |  Demo

Free Communications Facebook Fan Page Template

Being in touch with modern world is a very important thing for you and your customers. Isn’t it great to link your company to world’s biggest social network?

39943-Facebook Fan Page Layouts
Details |  Demo

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