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Euclid Free Html5 Template

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 1 comment

Euclid Free Html5 Template

This week’s free responsive html5 template is a really nice one called the Euclid Free Html5 Template. The Euclid Free Html5 Template by Html5 Fan is a responsive website template that not only looks great, but has an interesting feature as well. The slider actually slides through 3 posts at a time. This is an interesting way to handle a slider, and when you combine that with an awesome look, you get a great free website template. It also has a beautiful blog layout, so if you decide to convert it to a WordPress theme, your blog will look great. You can preview the Euclid Free Html5 Template below.

Euclid Free Html5 Template

The Euclid Free Html5 Template features an awesome sliding gallery that groups 3 posts together at once and slides through to the next 3 posts. This is a great way to preview posts, and the text is live, and isn’t a static image. Also, the little icon below each image is a nice touch and alludes to the type of content that the post contains.

Euclid Free Html5 Template blog

The Euclid Free Html5 Template has a beautiful blog layout, complete with a perfect amount of negative space, and the sidebar gives plenty of space for links and secondary content. I love the large avatar next to the article’s title. The title is big and bold, and the meta information underneath is compact and elegant. There is a great sense of hierarchy with the text in this site, which only makes this template even better. The social buttons under each post promotes social sharing as well.

Download the Euclid Free Html5 Template

The Euclid Free Html5 Template is a free responsive html5 template that you can download and use in your projects. You are free to use Euclid in your web design projects, but as always remember that website templates are usually meant to be used as starting points for your own ideas. To download Euclid, click the download link below.

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