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Want to Convert PSD to HTML5? Keep These Things in Mind

by | May 20, 2018 | Articles, Photoshop, Web Design | 0 comments

After the launch of Adobe Photoshop, the website market has seen increase in the number of highly attractive websites. Designers started using Photoshop to build visually spectacular websites. However, there was a catch, which was how to publish the images on to a website. Photoshop image files are built and stored in PSD format. But in order to use them in websites they need to be converted into HTML format. There becomes a need to Convert PSD to HTML5 to get all the benefits. HTML is considered as the important part of website design and is the leading mark-up language for building web pages which can be viewed by large number of people over the internet.

Below are the Important Points You Should Remember While Doing PSD to HTML Conversion process.

Responsive Coding of Site using HTML5/CSS/JavaScript

If you responsive web design your website then your website will look good and perfect on so many devices like desktops, tablets, smartphones and all types of mobile devices. Therefore a professional structured and commented responsive HTML5/CSS/JavaScript coding is very important for PSD to HTML conversion process.

Hand Coded Website

There are some software tools available in the market to automate the PSD to HTML conversion process. But these tools cannot deliver a custom HTML/CSS coded website and also these tools cannot offer pixel-perfect conversion which can only be executed using hand-coded work on both the PSD as well as the required converted file. If you go for the automated tools then you have to fix many bugs and work on front-end code and it will take lots of your time and efforts. Therefore go for hand coded website.

Fully Cross Browser Compatible Website

Full Cross Browser Compatibility is needed to show your website perfectly in all the web browsers, resolutions and platforms. Hence keep this in mind while converting your PSD files into HTML as it will enable your users to have a highly user friendly, bug free and intelligent experience irrespective of their web browsers and platform.

W3C Validated Site

Expert developers provide manual hand coded websites which go through the W3C validation parameters easily. This also removes the flaws in coding and helps in getting higher page rankings of the site in the search engines results.

Design is Converted into Pixel Perfect Markup

The design is converted into pixel perfect and optimized HTML/CSS markup which is cross browser compatible and W3C compliant. This helps in providing great services to the clients.

Semantic markup for SEO

When you will do HTML coding then it is important to use SEO semantic coding as this will help your site to come on top of search engine results and bring more traffic to your website. You have to use heading tags, meta tag description and image ALT tags to boost your Search Engine Optimization.

Image Optimization and Compression for Fast Load Times

Nowadays search engines also takes into account the website load time to determine the rankings of the websites. That means the longer it takes to load the website, lower the rank it will get in search engine results. Therefore websites must be optimized with regards to images considering the file types, image resizing, saving methods and using one image multiple times.


As we have just discussed, HTML websites are very much required in today’s internet world as they are search engine friendly, have pixel perfect design, are W3C validated, are Responsive, Cross browser compatible, and are optimized for images. Therefore you should remember and implement these points while doing PSD to HTML conversion and it will help your site to rank high in search engine results while keeping the attractiveness of the site intact. A bug free and perfect HTML site will draw more traffic to it, increasing your customers and boosting your business.

AUTHOR BIOSarah Parker is a blogger cum WordPress developer. She loves writing information-rich blogs on PSD to HTML conversion services and social media. Currently, she is employed with Designs2HTML Ltd, a leading markup conversion services company that has delivered top-grade markup conversion services since 5 years



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