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Web Design Graphic Design & Typography Weekly

This week’s round up of great design stuff from around the web is full of goodies. You will find a lot of great information. There are a few posts that will help spark some creativity when you need a little inspiration. You’ll find free fonts as well. Hear about CSS4, pick up a bundle of free WordPress themes, and get inspired with some great Swiss-style punk rock posters.

21 Fresh Examples of Responsive Web Design


Come see what some designers are doing with responsive design. You’ll see a lot of great examples of different ways that you can design a responsive site to leverage its flexibility.

6 Ways Your Blog Is Repelling Prospective Clients


A lot of designers run blogs in order to promote themselves, to network, and to spread their reach further online. A blog is a great way to promote yourself and show your stuff. However, if getting clients is the main goal of your site, there might be some things that you are doing that are driving away potential clients. Read about them here to make sure you are doing everything that you can to pull in new clients.

Punk rock + Swiss modernism combined


If you’re familiar with punk rock, then you’ll love this collection of punk rock band posters created in a Swiss Modern style.

How to Create a Colorful Parrot using Gradients in Adobe Illustrator


This is an excellent tutorial, and it covers a lot of great techniques. You can apply these techniques to other illustrations, so this is a good read!

30 Templates & Vector Kits to Design Your Own Infographic


Ever wanted to create your own infographics? With these 30 free sets, you’ll be able to create a quality infographic in no time!

How to find your niche


This is a great article about finding your niche within the industry. The most successful designers are the ones that focus on the area of design in which they are the best. Learn how to find your niche, so you can leverage that to your professional advantage.

Quick Tip: How to Draw Realistic Eyes in Photoshop


This is an excellent tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the foundations of how to create realistic eyes for their illustrations. This shows you step by step how to create different shapes and types of eyes.

Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap


Twitter Bootstrap has really taken off. Some people really swear by its capabilities. if you haven’t taken a look at Bootstrap yet, this tutorial will get you started.

Creative Techniques for Single-Page Websites


A lot of people love single page websites. It cuts down on clicking and loading, and is a good form of web design. Take a look at some great techniques for designing your single page websites.

 Free WordPress themes!

free-wp-themes-web design

This is an incredible give away for anyone who wants a nice bundle of themes for their collection. There are many different styles, and they are all good starting points for quality websites.

10 Tips To A More Professional LinkedIn Profile


The point of Linked In was originally to help professionals to network and find work. Knowing what to do and what not to do will help you to land the kind of job that you want. Use these tips to make sure your profile is top-notch!

How To Guarantee Your Income With Agile Billing


This article covers a method of billing to help make sure you get paid on a regular basis. You have to do what works for you, but this is definitely a good technique to take a look at.


Create Conditional Actions in Photoshop CS6.1


Conditional actions is something that I have been wanting for a long time. This is basically like programming, but is much easier.  This should save you time when processing multiple images that consist of different types of images.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Wicker Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator


This is an interesting tutorial where you can create a wicker-style pattern in Illustrator.

7 Ways to Keep Your Online Audience Reading


Having trouble retaining readers on your site? Follow these tips so readers will keep coming back.

25 Free Chunky & 3D Fonts for Your Next Project


This is a nice collection of unique fonts. Most appear to be hand drawn, and they add a fun element to any project.

Sneak Peek Into The Future: Selectors, Level 4

css4-web design

We’ve been all over CSS3, but now it is time to start looking ahead to CSS4. Find out what you need to know about CSS4, what you can expect and where it may take us.

Quick Prototyping: Collection of Free HTML/CSS/JS UI Kits


You can never have enough UI kits. Check out this stellar collection of UI kits to jump start your next project.


This week has been chock full of variety. The design community is progressing even further with new techniques, new software, and tools to make our lives easier. I especially like condition actions in Photoshop, because you can make actions behave depending on parameters that you specify. Did you find something new in web design, graphic design, or typography this week? if so, feel free to chare it in the comments section below.