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Web Design Graphic Design & Typography Weekly

This week you will find a lot of stuff on the web for web design, graphic design & typography. There is a lot of great web development content this week, despite the holidays, and most are on break, vacation, etc. You will find great examples of WordPress themes. You’ll also find ecommerce sites to inspire you. Inspiration seems to be the theme this week, because you will also find great examples of theme websites.

Compare 4 different icon font services. You will discover their strengths, their weaknesses and how to use them. There is also an open source directory for icon fonts, so you can find the right icon font for you. If you are a blogger, there are 8 Essential ipad apps for bloggers. These are great, because a couple of them allow you to publish to multiple platforms, which will save you a ton of time.

There is a round up of the best stuff on the web for designers in 2012. You’ll find the best sites, freebies, tools, and apps that will help you to work faster, and more efficiently.


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Dec-wp-themes design

Four Custom Icon Font Generators Compared

icon-font - design


This week was a great one for inspiration! You saw examples of illustrated elements in web design. you also saw websites that were entirely illustrated, showing a lot of creativity. There was also an article about CSS classes and another one on how to use the new Photoshop update, which allows you to convert layer styles into css.

There were also tips for designers that talked about how to snag bigger clients. Another one covered how you can save money as a creative professional. Calendario will allow you to create an amazing calendar for your website.

What was your favorite article on the web this week? Feel free to share a link to your favorite article in the comments section below.