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WhatFontIs – Your #1 Font Aggregator

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Articles, Design, Fonts, Reviews | 0 comments


Powerful visual statements never fail to draw attention. Bloggers and graphic designers know that, in advertising, what you say isn’t nearly as important as how you choose to express it. In essence, design works together with written content in order to produce the desired effect in the audience, and to that end, they’re both equally consequential. In this context, finding and using a good font for text is paramount.

Do you know that feeling when you surf the web and chance upon a phrase or a word that is written so majestically, that it gets you wondering what the typeface is, and whether you could find it and then use it in your projects? It wouldn’t be the first time it happened to me. So, what I used to do was embark on a hopeless, never-ending search for the perfect match, and spend way too much time on this wild goose chase, with hardly ever a happy ending. That’s all over now.


I found a brilliant service that helps you track down the typeface of any random word found on the wide expanse of the web. Here’s how it works. You can either launch a manual search through their humongous database using keywords, or insert the URL address of where you spotted the word. The final alternative, and my favorite, is to take a screenshot with that word, and the upload it from your drive.


First off, when you offer your screenshot to WhatFontIs for analysis, one piece of information is required: the platform needs to know whether the characters themselves are laid on a background that is lighter or darker by comparison. Check the right box, and then hit ‘Continue’. For the next phase, you are prompted to spell each letter of the word from that image, and also opt to receive only free/commercial fonts – or both. Tick the appropriate box, and move on to the results.


WhatFontIs will show you a considerable amount of possible matches that might please you. Not only will you find the exact match of your quarry for sure, but there are loads of other closely related alternatives listed there, that may just catch your eye. Scroll through your findings, and click on any font to go to the site where you can buy it/take it from freely.


In my case, the whole thing was only a matter of minutes before I found the perfect font for my next project, using Can you find yours faster?

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