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What is Treehouse?

Treehouse is a company that specializes in online learning about web design and development. They have a gorgeous site that works great. It really shows off their skills as industry professionals. They host videos that cover web design topics, teaching you professional techniques. This way, you learn the latest in Web design and Development. Some of the things that you will learn are html, css, WordPress, javascript, Ruby on Rails and much more. You watch videos and after a couple of short videos, you take a quiz or you implement the things that you just learned. This really helps you to retain the knowledge much better. You really get a hands on learning experience that you can build on over time. Each time you pass a course, you earn badges. Treehouse gives you an incentive to learn as much as you can and adds a fun element to a seemingly difficult task.


My Personal Experience with Treehouse

I tried out Treehouse‘s service to see how well everything actually works. I took a few courses and was amazed at how fast each video loads. I was also amazed at how ell each quiz worked, and that it was actually based on what you just learned. You have to apply the knowledge that you just received from the last couple of videos by adjusting the code. Let’s say that you’re learning CSS. Treehouse may ask you to change all of the <h1> tags to <h2> tags, or to change the style of the first child under each list item. You actually have to understand and use what you just learned to pass each quiz. As you go, you earn more badges and unlock more to learn. This makes sure that you don’t start at the hardest topics and get confused and frustrated. The whole experience is stellar.

A Quality Product Back By Quality Service

I started the monthly subscription as a trial and entered my payment information. I went through the program and used their services to test them out. After a month, I received an email that said I would be charged $0. I went to the subscription page to check it out, and it confirmed what I read in the email. I didn’t think anything else about it, until I received an email today informing me that I had been charged $49 for my subscription. I only wanted to try out their services to see how good it was, because I don’t place ads or recommend products on my site unless I know they are actually quality products.

I was a little upset, so I cancelled the subscription formally on their site. I don’t really need it, because i know most of what they teach on their site. I just want to make sure my subscribers would be getting a quality product. I sent customer service an email explaining the situation, that I was told via their subscription page that I would be charged $0 at the end of the month, but I was charged $49 anyway. Their system probably just automatically converted the trial service to a full subscription when the trial period was over, I just didn’t receive that information.

Treehouse could have easily said no, saying that I should have known, or they could have brushed me aside. They already had my money, so what did it matter? The answer is that Treehouse understand the importance of quality service and fairness. They know that if they ever come out with another service or product, that I most likely wouldn’t buy it if I had a bad experience with them. However, they didn’t just take my money and run. They actually apologized for the inconvenience and my frustration, and issued a full refund. This all happened within a short time(1-2 hours) of sending my original email to their customer service department. They were courteous, understanding, and they backed up their awesome product with quality service. That is a serious 1-2 punch for an online learning company.

I cancelled my service, because I really just didn’t need it. However, if you really want to learn professional level web design and development quickly and easily, Treehouse is a quality service that is well worth the money.