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Why You Shouldn't Stress The Small Stuff In Web Design

Focusing On The Essentials in Web Design

The act of designing a website may scare some people. They worry about cost, turning over their company’s image to somebody else and if the site will end up showcasing their products or services effectively. One of the enemies of successful website building is perfectionism. In web design, as in many other aspects of life, it is important not to sweat the small stuff. Constantly tweaking and changing bits of website can bog you down in the process and never allow you to move on to other important tasks.

Website Design in a Nutshell

At its most basic, a website needs structure, content, something eye-catching and user-friendly navigation. All the sliders, animated icons, video widgets and other additions are just icing on the cake. If you get the four main aspects of your website created correctly, you have a site that can be very effective.

All the Small Things

Nitpicking details may be fun for some designers, but the extraneous fiddling with the small things on a website can slow down creation and make moving forward with other projects difficult. People who are less experienced in web design and development may fall prey to this more easily. They read design blogs and search through add-on and plug-in lists and want to try all the exciting new things they find. The decision between a mouse over fade-in gallery or a grid-style page with Parallax scrolling is simply not an important one to solve before the website goes live. They both showcase your products or portfolio successfully.

Stress and Cost

Not only is the pursuit of perfection in web design stressful, but it also tends to break budgets. Would you hire someone to design a site for your company or organization, you chose them because of their skill, testimonials they received from former clients and their portfolio of finished work. After the decision to use a particular person or team is made, this time to trust that they will deliver the website that is most effective for your company. Second guessing their decisions or requesting continuous detailed changes only causes conflict and wasted time. The more time and see tinkering you do to a website while it is in the development stages, the more money the entire project is going to cost.

Not Carved in Stone

One of the greatest things about websites is they exist virtually on the internet and can be changed or upgraded with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s not like a painted sign you may have seen on some comedy site with horrible misspellings. Just imagine if Michelangelo decided to change a few things on David a week later and the world ended up with nothing but a pile of rubble. Websites can be changed at any time and, if the changes are not beneficial, they can be put back the way they were without much trouble.

The future website owner may have many ideas about what their site should look like and how effective it should be at attracting attention or converting sales. After a strong foundation is laid and a bit of polish is given to make it brand specific and attention-grabbing, changing minor details is usually a waste of time, money and personal energy.

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