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picking your domain name

Picking Your Domain Name

Picking your domain name is the same when choosing a company name in which it requires numerous considerations. Picking your domain name means that it will be your web identity so it’s vital to choose a name that will not only fit on your business but will also deliver ease in promotion and finding which leads on better traffic generation.

Finding the best domain name is not as easy as it seemed to be, especially nowadays where most of the domains are already used by other businesses or already bought by individuals for profit. This can mean that the process of picking your domain name requires more time than ever before.


You always want to present your identity to your prospected audience in the shortest time possible. You don’t really wish for a URL that doesn’t precisely describe your identity and the things you do or nonetheless understood relatively facts. It is best to have brainstorming and some research to find out what will work, what is the popular and what will sum up the business identity and leave the proper impression. Remember that picking your domain name is like choosing your office address where people can find you and get in touch with you.

Domain Extensions

Even back then, there were already lots of options for domain extensions, depending on the country you live in. But the most used are .net, .com, and .org. These are the common extensions that users around the world remember. It may be fine to use specific extensions, yet if it’s not known, the possibility of getting your site out of place is in a high risk.

Another good thing with this three extension is its rate. This is typically cheaper than its counterparts, plus the support it has is also all over the place.


This will typically depend on your business and purpose, audience, their behavior and the market. Using domain ending in .com at country with specific domain extension will be useless. Using a country code top-level domains suits individuals and businesses in a certain country. The language used in a certain location must also be considered in choosing a domain extension.

Make It Easy

Your domain name should be easy to type and remember, because people will be more likely to recommend it to others. Have you ever had someone tell you the name of a site, but you couldn’t find it because it was spelled in a weird way, or there were hyphens in it? Make it easy on people, and it will in turn, be easier on you.


Make sure that your Domain name is relevant with what you actually provide, being funny and clever will be useless if users don’t find any bearing of it to the actual content. If you acquire similar keywords with your content and domain name, then you will have better SEO results.

Before The Purchase

If you are already prepared to buy your chosen domain name, make sure first that there is no legal issues behind and is not similar with other company offering similar service. Make sure your domain name is secured and to do this, you may want to have some bulk purchasing where you buy numerous domains with different given extension and redirect all of those to your main site.

Begin By Picking Your Domain Name Below: