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Frequently asked questions about content marketing

If you are looking for ways to get your company more recognition on their virtual presence, then you need to delve into the big world of content marketing. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked by those who are interested in starting content marketing for their company or improving on their current plans.

Where do I Start as a Total Newbie to Content Marketing for My Business?

While 93% of B2B marketers are using content, everyone had to start somewhere! Start with a plan that specifically outlines your goals and recognize that you have to focus on just one area at a time. You can’t be everything to everyone and biting off more than you can chew will only lead to failure.

What Could Cause a Marketing Program to Fail?

Most often, lack of vision, commitment, planning and unrealistic goals are reasons a marketing strategy might fail.

I’ve heard creating content takes a lot of time, but I don’t have that much time to spend. What can I do?

Brainstorming topics, writing content and then publishing it all takes a lot of time, it is true. However, if you want to get your toes wet in the pool of content marketing without investing a lot of time and money, you can start with micro-content. Instead of long blogs and white papers, micro-content consists of spending as little as 15 minutes a day writing short articles and social media posts.

What is SEO?

If you are looking at content marketing, you are likely hearing quite a bit about SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization – or how high your site is ranked in the search results. SEO is directly affected by the content on your site, as well as design, popularity and navigation.

How Important is SEO to My Marketing Plan?

If your users can’t find your content easily, then you are wasting a lot of your efforts. SEO makes sure your pages are coming up under relevant searches so that users can find your content when they are looking for it.

I’m Looking to Boost My Current Marketing Plan, What Could I do?

The next step is infotainment, or entertaining and creative storytelling. You can take your users on a journey to learn more about your industry, answer questions and keep them entertained. You can expand into different mediums, like video and instruct graphs, to keep viewers engaged.

Do I Need to Constantly Create New Content?

You can curate the content of others on your site, but you will get a lot more attention and authority if you are creating valuable content of your own. You can also repurpose content of your own to save time and get more out of your budget. Turn whitepapers into blog posts and use quotes from your blog posts in your emails or to create an infographic.

How Often Do I Need to Post?

Every industry, demographic and platform is different. You will start to notice trends by trial and error, but most often, content should be posted at least twice a week. Most studies show that more frequently is better, provided the content is unique, valuable and in keeping with branding.

How Can I Make My Content Engaging?

The answer to this question will depend a lot on your audience. First, you need to know your audience and what they are looking for. Second, you need to keep the needs of the audience far above the needs of your own company.

David is a long time student of Search and Social. And regularly blogs at IntellaSphere a Belluve based start-up.