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Wix Answers: Your all-in-one customer support solution

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Articles, Web Design | 0 comments

When you are building a successful website and a successful business, sooner or later customers and visitors of your website are going to have questions. It is important to have a system in place to handle those questions, and offer support and customer service when people need help. Normally, adding a FAQs section, ticketing system and a help center to your website would be a huge undertaking. Although here we are going to tell about a great new solution – Wix Answers help desk software

Wix Knowledge base

Create Your Own Help Center

Wix Answers includes a Knowledge base that will enable you to create a FAQs (frequently asked questions) section quickly and easily, without a lot of technical knowledge or skills. You can also create step by step guides for your products in the help center.

Wix Answers: getting started

The Help Center is easy to set up. Simply answer a few questions, and you’re in the dashboard. You can set up your own subdomain, which makes the whole experience clean and professional. Once you’re in the backend of the Help Center, it is really easy to navigate and control everything. You can add new articles and manage existing ones.

Wix help center design customization

You can control the design and typography of your help center. You don’t have to worry about it matching your design. You have a few base themes to choose from, but you can also customize colors to match your brand. You can add your own logo and favicon, making the support section an extension of your website. You can also swap out images, making the design of your Help Center fit your website better.

Wix support tickets

You can view support tickets from your customers by filtering support tickets. You’ll have the option to configure up to 4 ticketing channels. They are your contact form, email, a widget, and Facebook. This enables you to manage all of your tickets in one place. You can also sort tickets by most recent and by priority. This ticketing system is very robust and easy to use, making the process of managing support inquiries quick and painless.

Also, being able to receive inquires from Facebook enables you to engage with your customers better. You won’t have to worry about constantly monitoring your social media and your support system, and emails. It’s all together in one place, making your support efforts seamless and streamlined. This makes your business more efficient and gives you less to keep up with.

You can also set team permissions. This enables you to add new support team members as needed, so you can scale support as you need more help to handle all of your inquiries. A fast response time is important, which means having the ability to add and manage support members will help you to delegate the work, preventing a backlog of people who need support.

You can also control how tickets are sent to you. They can submit tickets via the Answers contact form, or they can submit tickets via an external contact form. The Answers form is easy to customize, meaning you can add the fields you need in order to gather the information necessary for you to help your customers. Customers can also send an email directly to you. They can do so from a button on your website, which will open their default email client.

Analytics and metrics

If your website is seeing a lot of the same issues with many different people, then it might mean that you need to take a look at your website or your help center. You’ll want to make sure visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for, or that the answers are easier to find in your Help Center. With access to all the analytics and insights you can easily evaluate the work of your support team and understand the pain points of your business as a whole. Which is very useful.

Have Your Own Call Center

You heard that right! You can take calls from your own 1-800 number, giving your business a highly professional appearance. Getting too many calls? Don’t worry, because you won’t have to deal with making them wait too long. Enable your customers to request a call back, so that you can call them at your convenience. This works better for everyone, and I wish every business with a customer service phone number had this feature.

The Help Widget

No matter where visitors are on your website, you might want to enable a way for them to find the help they need. Now, you can embed a widget on your website with tutorials, or the entire Help Center to offer assistance. You can set it up so that the widget links directly to your ticketing system, making it easy for customers to get help when they need it, without having to hunt for where to go on your site for support.

If you want an all in one support solution for your website, Wix Answers is and excellent choice. It is also search engine optimized, just like the rest of your website, so it will be found online. Customers will appreciate that it is easy for them to find and get all the support they need online. Set it up within minutes and create an ever-evolving support system for your website to help your customers.

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