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WordPress Themes Take Center-Stage

This article is about exploring the evolution of website design as a whole, and the way the industry changes over the years in a continuous struggle to supply web designers with proficient tools. Illustrious products and services of today seem to realize what we want, before we ourselves know it.

Let’s take a brief moment to identify the main directions in website creation, as seen from a designer’s perspective. Think back to last year’s projects and tell me, can you count how many of your websites emphasized visual content via large backgrounds with images and videos? I reckon they were many. How about typography? Didn’t you find it supremely easy to get your hands on gorgeous fonts and typefaces? Prices for type kits have gone down, and in case of Google Fonts, they’ve even gone free.

A New Species of WP Themes

Web designers have come to rely more on their own strength. Platforms now generate clean code and constantly update algorithms to support a heavier focus on design during client projects. WordPress, the world’s best known CMS, helps creative professionals like us launch websites without developers. What is more, we can choose to work with progressive themes that are almost unanimously responsive.

We noticed that WordPress themes are seriously upgrading their offerings. Designers are comfortable to work in their front office, and use anything from shortcodes to brilliant plugins in crafting high-end websites.

Lobbying for X Theme


There has never been a better time to base websites on a WP theme. In the following lines, we are going to explain the rationale behind a new species of themes, whose magnificent exponent is X Theme, made by Themeco (one of the best companies out there in terms of customer support). For version 3.0, X Theme brings together over a dozen plugins known as Extensions.

X Theme was the first theme to ever place complete designs at our service. Stacks were well-received in web designer circles for being so versatile and sleek. If you wanted to launch an elegant business website, then you could use Integrity. If you were aiming for pure and flat design, you had Renew. On the other hand, the need to emphasize the written word produced modern and minimalist Icon Stack, whereas super-sized imagery like that of a photography or magazine website had a place with Ethos.

Once you check out the demos and tutorial videos, you’ll have a great time piecing together web page after web page, and use the live previewer to style layouts. You get 40 shortcodes and 600 Google Fonts of all weights and styles, plus extended functions. More Stacks, extensions, and innovative features could be launched any day now.

Outstanding Extensions from Themeco


WordPress plugins are sufficiently common these days, and sometimes you find yourself buying one of them for a client, therefore investing $50 to $200 on each occasion. While Themeco does adapt several well-known plugins to fit in with their theme, the primary attraction consists of self-generated Extensions that give you numerous ways to level up different aspects of your websites.

The entire list of Extensions as we know it has a $1000 value – for now. We just haven’t counted the extensions that are soon to be added to the pile. All this can be yours, FOR FREE, if only you grab a unique copy of X Theme. In addition, as you unlock your free extensions, free lifetime updates on an automatic basis are also unlocked. Learn more about the extensions that don’t sabotage website performance, but enrich it.

The Role of Extensions in Your WP Website

Catchy Videos


If you could catch your audience in the lock of a video, would you? If that video happens to broadcast one of your promotions, then why not? There is no harm in setting up a Video Lock to approach your website users with a marketing offer. They could wait for a few seconds before the video starts, and then a few more seconds to close the window. The chances of a person accepting your offer are higher, given that she/he pays attention and fully understands what it’s all about.

This extension helps you display responsive videos, and you can even decide their exact width. It is also possible to attach a caption in the header, or footer area, and customize text colors.

Social Comments


Humans are social animals. You can’t go out of your way to create an attractive website, sprinkle it with interesting content, and then let your visitors and members not share their thoughts about your content. You have to give them a voice. Besides, web pages with no trace of human contact lack credibility.

With X Theme, you can link your website to Facebook, hassle-free. Easy to set up and easy to administer, your comment system can reflect back to your users’ (and your) social profiles, hence propagate your website’s influence and appeal over social media. You can pave the way for Facebook Comments, which show more engagement than mere Likes.

Transcended 404


404 pages are a pain in the neck, not so much for you – but for your website users who never see it coming. Try walking in their shoes for moment. You casually surf the web, click on a link from a blog or Facebook, and what you thought would be an interesting finding turns out to be a flop because the link was broken. The immediate reaction would be irritation.

Custom 404 changes that outcome. Hack your potential 404 error with a savvy design and funny text notice, then add a background image and shortcode function in the mix and it will never cause a bad impression again. On the contrary, Custom 404 will sing the praises for your customer service.

Help Desk Integration


Speaking of customer service, it’s the worst deal breaker in business history. If your website deals out products or services of any kind, then the people who procure them might need to talk to someone who can provide assistance. What is more, they will need those answers fast, and in a comprehensive wrapping.

Themeco took that into consideration, and integrated an extension that helps you deal with customer requests without any delays. Simply sign up for Olark, wait for the service to provide you with a site ID, then drop it in your plugin.

Slideshow Integration


In 2015, content slides are very much in demand. X Theme acknowledges that trend, and tailors a version of the all-mighty Slider Revolution for your convenience. Take your pick from fade and slide, parallax, zoom or 3D transitions, decide when captions appear, and create caption transitions with the WYSIWYG slide editor (or, choose from the available ones).

Where Are We Headed?

With well-rounded WP like X Theme on the loose, website creation has become a unified experience for web designers. There is no knowing what 2015 may reveal, but I’m sure that Themeco developers will be the first to lead us into the spectacle of new trends and professional tools for designers. Stay close for more breakthroughs in web design this year.