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10 Killer Website Navigation Design Examples

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

It is important that web designers should remember to balance web elements including, visual appearance, functionality, content and navigation design of the website. By implementing balance properly in these elements, a website can be an awesome experience to the users. Sometimes, website designers overlook the navigation menu or just take it lightly while planning the site. What happens is they end up with a complex website, which is not easy-to-access. Looking at a few navigation design examples can go a long way.

Navigation options are a significant component of any website. In fact, properly designed navigation is also the reason behind the success of a website. Also, the conversion rate and your business’s success are also dependent on the functionality of the navigation. Therefore, when you are planning to develop a website’s navigation, you must not neglect parts of navigation, such as text, font styling, color, layout, and the structure.

For your convenience, here is a list of the best navigation design examples (used by the big companies) that can help you get some ideas. Let’s have a look below:

Killer Website Navigation Design Examples

CSS CHopper navigation design examples

  1. The website of CSSChopper comes armed with an amazingly designed navigation menu. The navigation features an easy-to-understand layout for sub-menus so that the users can easily go to a specific page. Along with this, the font styling used in the caption of the navigation has the capability to grab the attention of visitors.

HTML Panda navigation design examples

  1. HTMLPanda’s website comes equipped with the simplest navigation layout. This enables the visitor to go to the desirable page without any hassle. The structure of the sub-menu is nicely crafted. Additionally, the font styling used in the navigation option is brilliant and easy-to-read.


  1. No-refresh features superbly crafted navigation options. In fact, this is quite alluring and ensures a hassle-free way for users to explore different pages. Also, the structure of the navigation is quite brilliant. The attributes of the font used in crafting the caption of the menu are superb.


  1. PSDtoWordPressExpert is using a well designed navigation menu that simplifies the way for users to navigate through different web pages. Its navigation menu is simply designed and easy-to-understand. A clean look is used to entice visitors and keep them engaged with different web pages.


  1. Sparx IT Solutions features amazingly crafted navigation that makes it easy for visitors to explore different website pages. The navigation menu comes equipped with a solid structure to ensure that the users understand the menu with the utmost ease. In a nutshell, this navigation is the reason behind the success of the Sparx IT Solutions.

Inky Robo navigation design examples

  1. inkyROBO comes installed with a well designed navigation menu that is extremely easy to use. Also, the layout used in the inkyROBO’s menu is quite simple. That makes it easy for users to navigate through the significant web pages. Along with this, it boosts the conversion rate.

Acko navigation design examples

  1. Acko.Net is using an amazingly designed navigation menu. The content layout is simple and easy to understand. They have deployed the grid based menu to direct the users to the specific page with ease. The 3D based video at the top looks stunning. With the video, there is a link captioned as “Steven Witten” that takes the users to the about page, which is quite cool.


  1. PHPDevelopmentServices features meticulously crafted navigation, which enables the visitors to visit the specific web page with ease. The style of the menu is clean, which users love at first sight. Along with this, the navigation layout is brilliant.

Better Graph: navigation design examples

  1. BetterGraph is equipped with the simplest navigation option. The layout exhibits the content in the menu beautifully. Along with the main menu, the sub menu is brilliantly crafted and is also easy-to-understand. The whole menu makes it easier for the visitors to go to a specific page with ease.

Niketo navigation design examples

  1. The Navigation menu of Niketo is alluring as well as amusing. It has the simplest layout with a superb background, which makes the menu quick-to-understand. Also, the users have option to view the detailed information about the portfolio.

The Final Thought

The navigation menu is an integral part of every website. Thus, every designer should create it with utmost care. This list of amazing designs will definitely spark some creative ideas for your own website navigation. Which of these are your favorite? Mine would have to be Acko, with the background that responds when you hover over the button.

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