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11 Tips To Designing Your Landing Page For Maximizing Conversions

by | Feb 23, 2019 | Tutorials | 0 comments

In order to earn money digitally, you need your website visitors to get converted into customers. But it’s not as easy as it seems to be. For achieving higher conversions, you need to pay equal attention to each and every aspect of your site and design it to be fast, intuitive, and uncomplicated.

One of the best ways to do it is by designing your landing page to be optimized for conversions. The landing page is the first place where a visitor arrives at on your website once he clicks on an ad. Being the only element that can provide potential customers with the first impression of your brand, a landing page needs to be designed cautiously and cleverly.

As per Instapage, these pages are standalone elements designed to convert visitors into leads, pushed generally into a sales CRM, by taking the desired actions. The way in which you design, write and showcase elements on your landing page has a direct impact on your conversion rates and thus, impacting your company’s sales pipeline.

But how to ensure your landing page gets maximum conversions? Let’s take a look at eleven crucial tips to help you optimize landing pages for improved conversions.

Tips for Designing Your Landing Page

1. Stay Away From Clutter & Remove Distracting Elements

Designing Your Landing Page

The primary goal of your landing page is to get conversions, hence you shouldn’t incorporate unnecessary features, interactive elements, and information. Such elements will only distract the visitors and might encourage them to switch to one of your competitors’ portal.

It will be a good idea to make the desired call-to-action button as big and bold as possible. Make sure that these buttons contrast in colour to the background. Generally, it’s good to use colors such as orange, green, or blue. Also, the size of the CTA button shouldn’t be too small or too big. It must sync with the layout so that the visitors can notice it easily. You should put efforts into optimizing the message of your CTA button because it can actually push visitors to take an action.

2. Keep The Navigation Simple & Hassle-Free

It’s a mandatory rule to keep the navigation of your landing page as simple as possible. It should be easy for visitors to freely browse through the entire page. Incorporate the most important content at the top so that the visitors can read it immediately after landing to the page without scrolling down.

3. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Making the landing page responsive to mobile devices is should be one of your key priorities. According to a report prepared by SimilarWeb, more than half of all traffic to your site now comes from mobile devices. The report is sufficient to justify the significance of optimizing your landing page for the mobile audience.

All the design elements of your landing page should be responsive and the text should be readable even on smartphones without zooming in. Follow these app design tips for more details on how to design specifically for mobile devices. Also, the features must be interactive so that mobile users can also use them without any difficulty.

4. Ensure That The Loading Time Is Minimum

After putting serious efforts into designing the landing page with ideal images and influential content visitors will judge it on the basis of time it takes to load. It should get loaded within a few seconds otherwise you have to bid adieu to the visitor. You can take the help of Google PageSpeed Insights that can give you useful suggestions to trim down the loading time of your landing page.

5. Pay Attention To Making A Compelling & Intense Offer

If you want your visitors to convert then you have to provide them with something valuable in return. In order to achieve this, you can incorporate influential, compelling, and dense content in your site that visitors can take pleasure in going through. In case you are selling a specific product, offer a few additional perks such as free gifts or coupons with purchase.

In addition, you should not confuse your visitor by giving them multiple offers. Rather it’s advisable to understand your primary goal and concentrate on one particular CTA. Also, it’s essential to create impressive and simple headlines. Keep them concise and short to grab visitors’ attention quickly.

You must put efforts into maintaining consistent and appropriate typography by incorporating correct font type, size, using white space logically, and proper spacing. This will allow the visitors to concentrate entirely on the content without investing any time in reading it.

6. Incorporate Bold & Visually Appealing Images

As per research performed by Xerox, it’s true that people take a deep interest in a piece of material that is full of bright, colorful, and attractive visuals. This is why you should include eye-catchy and bold imagery on your landing page. Use impressive pictures to describe your products and make visitors more involved with your brand.

The key to successful conversion lies in pairing the right image with the right content. For example, take a look at the landing page of Breather which is a website built to let companies find their right meeting rooms. They have blended high-end imagery with attractive icons so that to highlight their selling point.

7. Emphasize On The Value Proposition But Make Sure To Keep It Simple & Personalized

It’s important for you to highlight the unique features your products have to offer to get the attention of visitors. But at the same time pay attention to stress on the benefits instead of beating around the bush by explaining randomly. It’s best to keep it simple so that the visitors can easily understand how the product fits into their daily lives. Also, it will add a pinch of personalization in your core message.

8. Include Engaging Explanatory Videos

You can easily make the visitors understand the main point of your landing page by adding an engaging explanatory video. It will describe your brand, your product, and the purpose. This will prevent them from struggling through reading lengthy paragraphs and have an interactive experience of viewing your product in action.

9. Don’t Try To Gather Too Much Information

It’s not a good idea to shoot back to back questions to the visitors. In such a situation they might get annoyed and change their decision to conduct any kind of business with your brand. Basically, it’s all about simplifying and streamlining the entire conversion process so that there are higher chances of visitors getting converted.

Optimize your form fields and offer a multi-page form to your visitors because it facilitates a seamless transition of visitors into leads. Ask only relevant questions to them in the first stage once they get involved persuade them to give up their contact information.

10. Showcase Customer Testimonials & Reviews

The majority of customers who shop online go through the reviews and testimonials prior to making a final call of purchasing a product from a particular website. For instance, in a very highly competitive space such as resume templates, ResumeSeed ensures that each of the resumes they sell, are downloaded, tested and reviewed by customers. Add a few reviews and share customer testimonials about your products on the landing page. It will be much better if you can manage to integrate these reviews in the form of a video comprising real people.

11. Remember To A/B Test Your Landing Page

After designing all the elements finally it’s the time to do A/B testing on your landing page. It is primarily the process of deciding which of two variants is better by comparing the two versions of a single variable. The testing is essential to optimize each and every element of your landing page in order to get the desired conversion rate.

In the market, you can find several landing page templates designed for maximizing conversions. Some of the most extensively used templates are Shapely, Dinomuz, Hestia, Camp Land, Freddo, MobApp, etc. These are extremely intuitive and multi-purpose tools which allow you to create engaging and impressive landing pages quickly. In a nutshell, optimizing a landing page for maximum conversions isn’t a piece of cake. It requires you to have a thorough understanding of your key competitors, your brand attributes, specific requirements of the target audience, etc. which can’t happen overnight. But you have to remain calm and learn to uncover all of the components you need to find success.

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