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2 Tools for Excellent Insight Into Your Visitor’s Actions

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Articles, Blogging, Web Design | 0 comments

Visitor Actions: Find out What People Actually do on your website

Imagine standing over the shoulder of each of your website visitors, tracking every move they make. You’d get a lot of valuable insight into what got their attention, what they were most interested in, and part of your website that got ignored. This would tell you so much about your own website, so you could make refinements and increase leads, sales, and overall revenue. It turns out, that type of capability really exists, and even without the creepy factor of standing over someone’s shoulder, watching everything they do. This technology is found in two forms, and we’ll talk about both.

heat maps - visitors actions tracking

Heat Maps

If you want to know exactly where visitors are clicking and where they aren’t, Heat Maps will do exactly that. If you look at the screenshot above from one of my sites, it tells me a lot about what my visitors do when they are on my site. Let’s take a look at what I can determine with the information that you see above.

  • Visitors are interested in the 1st 4 main categories in the main menu, but inspiration and Motivation barely have any clicks. This tells me that my main audience isn’t really interested in this type of content.
  • Make Money Online is my brightest and hottest topic.
  • People really use the search feature on this site. If there is any way I can make this better than the typical default search, it may greatly benefit me.
  • No one clicked on the notification bar at the top of the screen. Yikes! This means It either doesn’t stand out or no one is interested in that offer at all. This needs to be changed immediately.
  • The social icons in the top right corner are barely touched, except Twitter. That may be my main source of social power.

Wow! That is a lot of information about my home page. It tells me what I may be doing wrong, and areas where I need to improve. If you have a notification bar at the top of your website and it has no clicks, you are doing something wrong. That is a huge area for your most important content.

Content Analytics

This tells you a lot about how successful your writing is, and whether your audience is engaged and receptive to what you are providing. What Content Analytics does, is record how far people make it through your blog posts. It measures how far each visitor makes it down the page. After it gathers enough data, it provides a type of heat map style visual of where visitors get to and trail off.

This goes a long way with providing you information about your audience. It tells you if people find your content interesting, which tells you if your efforts are paying off.

If your content isn’t engaging to your readers, you might mix it up a little, providing funny GIFs, infographics, PDF takeaways, a content upgrade at the end of the post, polls, a video, and any other form of content that will accentuate and strengthen a written post.

The Best Part? They Are Free!

You read that right! They are part of the SumoMe plugin suite, and you can add them, along wth other plugins that will enable you to send opt-in rates through the roof, get readers’ attention, give you on page analytics, and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Check out the free SumoMe plugin suite for your WordPress site now!


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