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20 WordPress Cherry Framework Templates to Stand Out from the Masses

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

20 WordPress Cherry Framework Templates to Stand Out from the Mass

When one starts running his own business it would be sly to say that he is not interested in its success. No one starts a business just for the sake of it. There is always a goal. No matter if it is material or spiritual, but it always makes you to do your best, to invent new ideas of attracting clients. But there is one idea you don’t need to invent. It has already been forged long before you – going in the web. Internet is a perfect space for spreading out your thoughts. Therefore, if you want more people to know about you, you just need to create your own website.

It is not certainly an easy thing to do if you are a newer to the web technologies. Fortunately, there are always people ready to help. You can hire a web designer, coder and a whole bunch of professionals to create a custom website. In this case, you should keep in mind that you have to pay all of them. Moreover, it might take a while to get your site ready.

What should you do then? You can simply buy a pre-designed template built on WordPress CMS. It is so simple to install and customize that even knowing little of web technologies you will manage to do it. And it would be a sufficient saving for your wallet and time. You website will go live in a few days.

Except for all benefits mentioned, if you still have doubts, read this.

WordPress is all about giving you control over your own content. It is easy to customize with dozens of plugins available. So you can simply make a knockout of your template.

The templates are based on Cherry framework. You have surely heard of it. With its latest updates it is a real pleasure to handle your website. Optimization and improvement of customizing features make it as easy as a pie.

Nowadays digital world is not measured with 4:3 resolutions anymore. More and more people are using mobiles and tablets to browse the web. The templates you see in this post will be adaptable to all kinds of devises people may use to enter your website.

Moreover you get the images the template goes with in your full disposal. You may use it or you may replace it, but they are licensed and yours anyway.

All the templates in this post come from the biggest and the most authoritative provider on the web – It means that you will get 24/7 support before, at the time and after buying the template. The team of professionals provides you with support and assistance in whatever may cause you problem.

Do you still have doubts? Then go on and take a look at the 20 templates we have chosen for you. They will dispel all your hesitations with their cool designs.

Light Meal – Restaurant WordPress Theme

This theme is spacey and light. This effect is achieved with a successful combination of lots of white, dark grey bottom and fresh green details.


Details |  Demo

Your Industry – Industrial WordPress Theme

Industry is a serious business, but who said it shouldn’t be stylish then. This theme is rather informative and bright at the same time.


Details |  Demo

Feel Safe – Security Responsive WordPress Theme

No Kevin Costner on the home page, but still your clients will feel at once that you guard their security more than everything.

Framework Templates 45015-wp-b

Details |  Demo

Stylish Portfolio – Photographer Responsive WordPress Theme

Due to its black and dark grey color scheme the template looks fly and modern. A good choice for a fly and modern photographer who wants his works to be noticed.

Framework Templates 45143-wp-b

Details |  Demo

Tea Time – Tea Shop WordPress Theme

In Eastern countries drinking tea is a philosophy. And even if it is not a philosophy, but just a heartwarming process, this bright theme will attract lots of clients to your shop.


Details |  Demo

Cold Beauty – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Your works will beneficially outstand against the light grey background. No matter whether you are a noob or a professional, this theme lets the world know you.


Details |  Demo

Bright Advice – Consulting WordPress Theme

When you hear a word “consultant”, you’d rather imagine a dull grey person in glasses and with lots of papers in both hands. This theme is to break this stereotype. Consulting can be bright and stylish.


Details |  Demo

Bright Digital – Smartphone Software Store WordPress Theme

This theme designed in warm colors with information rich homepage is a right fit for a software store.

Framework Templates 44904

Details |  Demo

Easy Start – Management Company WordPress Theme

Smiling faces of your team on the homepage and warm yellowish and brown colors will gain you audience at once.

Framework Templates 44905

Details |  Demo

Wild Life – Safari Responsive WordPress Theme

Saving wildlife nowadays has become a worldwide campaign. But the first step at this campaign is to let people know what they are fighting for. This pleasantly colored theme is just the right choice for this purpose.

Framework Templates 44843

Details |  Demo

Marine Blue – Aquarium WordPress Theme

Just one look at this theme makes your heart sink in admiration. What a colorful and diverse the world is there underwater!

Framework Templates 44842

Details |  Demo

Get Enjoyment – Bowling Responsive WordPress Theme

Bowling and everything around bowling is there in this theme. Lots of information available in just one click, juicy colors and original icons.

Framework Templates 44760-wp-b

Details |  Demo

Game Box – Computer Games Responsive WordPress Theme

Computer games are one of the most favorite time spending nowadays. What can be more desired by your visitors then to see their favorite hero on the main page and to read the latest news in the game industry?

Framework Templates 44819

Details |  Demo

Dream Trip – Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Attractive photos of the places your visitors have not been to yet or the ones they have already seen on the home page. What else is needed for a successful travel agency?

Framework Templates 44903

Details |  Demo

Safety – Insurance Service WordPress Theme

The color scheme of marine color brings in the minds of your visitors feeling of trust and stability. And makes them sure you care about their safety.

Framework Templates 44834

Details |  Demo

Perfect Communication – Communication Service WordPress Theme

Nowadays no one is using out-of-date communication devices. Therefore a website about communication should be top-notch too. This template is just the right choice.

Framework Templates 44816

Details |  Demo

Fit and Healthy – Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

This template uses a motivational picture at the top along with bright juicy details and pretty fonts. With a lot of information available this theme is perfect for fitness clubs.

Framework Templates 44759-wp-b

Details |  Demo

Right Saddle – Horse Club Responsive WordPress Theme

The horse lovers will enjoy this well-designed website with well organized structure, beautiful images and information reach home page.

Framework Templates 44818

Details |  Demo

Geometrical Forms – Architecture WordPress Theme

Designed in steel grey color with original geometrical images this theme will be perfect for a modern and stylish architecture agency.

Framework Templates 44815

Details |  Demo

World of Science – Researches WordPress Theme

Who said science is all about dull nerds poring over some suspicious looking tubes? To get rid of this prejudice and popularize science you will definitely need this template.

Framework Templates 44814-wp-b

Details |  Demo

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