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Contact Form in WordPress

WordPress is the development tool of choice for millions of people that want to build their own website. You can create custom pages in the matter of minutes and manage all of them from WordPress is admin panel. The WordPress CMS is so popular because of how easy it is to use. If you don’t know how to develop something yourself, you can usually find a plug-in that will do what you need. However, creating your own contact form can be difficult if you don’t know what plug-in to use. Divi 2.0 by Elegant Themes, has a built-in contact for module that enables you to create a contact form and drop it anywhere on any page in seconds. In the tutorial video below our show you how to integrate a fully working contact form in your WordPress site and five seconds.

Most of the time you have to use a third-party plug-in in order to create a working contact form for your WordPress site. Some popular options for contact form plug-ins are contact form 7, TDO Mini forms, or the premium plug-in of choice for many, called gravity forms. Elegant themes salsas problem with their integrated module that allows you to drop your contact form on to any page within seconds. You don’t have to know anything about code, and you don’t have to copy or paste in the scripts. You click a couple of buttons, entering your email address for you want to contact form information to be sent, and you drag and drop it on your page. You can’t get much easier than that.

5 second contact form in WordPress (Divi 2.0)

Conclusion: A Quick Contact Form in WordPress

You saw how to integrate fully working contact form on any page in your WordPress site. Were you able to successfully add a contact form in WordPress? You’d be amazed how easy it is to do a lot of important tasks with the Divi 2.0 theme by Elegant Themes. It enables you to focus on the design of your site, while adding many important features that everybody wants.