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6 Email Writing Strategies To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Membership Website

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Marketing | 0 comments

Description: Do you have a membership site up and running? If the answer is yes, then your primary goal should be to get people coming back to it. Why? To convert them into paid subscribers, of course. And an effective email marketing campaign is a perfect way to do this.

6 Email Writing Strategies To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Membership Website

We know it’s not easy to retain your clients and make them return to the site. But here’s the thing: are you sure you’re doing everything to get the clients to come back? Maybe you’ve been thinking of offering them some sort of welcome bonus? That might work in the short run. But the best way to get the people back and make them keep coming back is to start sending out enticing emails to your subscribers.

This is why it works: email marketing tools are proven to be effective not only in converting new visitors into customers. They also encourage people to repeat purchases and fall in love with your brand in the long run. Put it another way: a successful email marketing strategy will help you get better customers who are willing to spend more on your services and products.

In this article, we’re gonna look at some of the best Email writing strategies to make people return to your site and convert them. Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

1. Set Up Automated Email Campaigns

Setting up an automated email campaign works great, mainly because it eliminates the need to go for the sale in the first email. You’ll have plenty of time to build the potential customer’s interest up with a series of value-offering emails.

And when creating the content for your emails, make sure they include some excitement for the upcoming emails. For example, if the second email will include a video about an upcoming web-seminar, warm the reader up about it in the first email.

Use excitement-generating words like amazing, surprise, awesome, etc.

Some of the best email marketing software to set up your campaign are ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and ConvertKit.

2. Create a Sense of Community Among Subscribers

The simple truth is that people love to belong. Use this need to your advantage. And here’s the best way to do this: tie your brand to a bigger mission.

It can be anything from giving a small percentage from every purchase to a charity, to organizing a local sports event.

Once you have created a sense of community around your brand, visiting your website simply becomes a part of people’s everyday routines.

3. Address the Emails to the Largest Group

Want to know a secret? Most companies write emails to the 2% of people who are ready to buy right now. And guess what? This approach just doesn’t work. The benefits of email marketing become evident once you start targeting 48% of prospects who just need more information to make the buying decision.

Want some inspiration on how your content should look like? Take a look at this mobile casino‘s website, for example. Most of the text simply educates readers on online casinos.

Using the same approach in your emails (making them more about giving guidance instead of selling) is a smart way to target your largest possible audience. And this leads to more visitors coming back to your membership site.

6 Email Writing Strategies To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Membership Website

4. Use Email Marketing to Introduce Your Brand

What is email marketing’s main purpose? It’s simple: to build a relationship between your brand and potential customers. Emails enable you to expand on the story of your brand, bring out the differences from competitors, and introduce your big message.

And the best part is that using email marketing services (Mailchimp, for example) allows you to deliver the emails over an extended period. So you can split up your stories into easily consumable pieces.

5. Use the Fear of Missing Out

The fear of missing out is a common phenomenon that can be used to create urgency by adding it to your emails. For example, if you’re sending out a special offer, make sure there’s an expiration date on that offer. Or if your stock levels are low on a certain hot item, make this information visible in your email.

Nothing makes people check in on your website faster than just a few items of a popular product left.

6. Social Proof

Another type of important information to make visible in your emails is social proof. Let’s face it: rave reviews, data about member count, subscription rates, and advances over competitors all just make your company look more trustworthy.

And emails are the perfect place to display all of it. The more trust you can build through the emails, the more likely the reader will come back to your website.


The bottom line is this: emails are an effective way to hook your customers to your brand, make them come back to your membership site, and become paying subscribers. So go ahead and use the writing strategies covered in this article to boost your conversion rate. It’s your business, and it deserves to be successful.

What email marketing tips have worked for your business? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to learn from your experience.


Thomas Glare has been involved in digital marketing for many years and saw the industry shift from tons of content marketing to influencer and ephemeral marketing. While he’s convinced that content marketing shouldn’t be forgotten altogether, Thomas writes a lot about how influencer marketing is for a startup that wants to make quick steps in the market.

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