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Learn WordPress: 7 Great places to Learn WordPress Quickly

If you want to learn WordPress, it can be really difficult when starting out. There is so much that you have to know when using WordPress, creating your own themes, securing your WordPress site, and even customizing themes. If you seriously want to learn WordPress, then it would be good to at least know html, but you’ll also want to know other things as well. You’ll need to know how to resize images, how to format text, and how to structure your articles so that they will be easy and pleasurable to read. If you want to actually build your own custom themes, plugins, and more, you’ll have to learn PHP, CSS, and how the core files of WordPress actually work.

To learn WordPress is a daunting task at first, but there are a few places that you can visit that will help you get up and running with WordPress in no time.

The WordPress Codex

Wordpress Codex Learn WordPress

This is the go-to place if you want to learn WordPress from the pros. The great thing about WordPress is that it has a wonderful community, where people of all skill levels can come and ask questions, and people will try their best to help you. I have been in a bind before, and I have referred to the WordPress Codex to answer my questions. Many times, people have already asked the same question that you may have, and you can scroll through the forum and find the answer. A lot of times people will post the code right there, or at least post a link to it. If you are a real beginner at WordPress, there is even a guide to get you started with installation, instructions about plugins, etc.


WPtutsplus Learn WordPress

An excellent place to learn WordPress and dive in head first. There are pages and pages of real-world scenario tutorials, how-tos, tips, and tricks. They feature articles that show you how to develop your own plugins, how to customize your own themes, how to add custom features, and more. If you like a real hands-on approach to learning WordPress, WPtuts+ is definitely the site for you.

Lynda Learn WordPress is an excellent place to learn WordPress. Although it isn’t free, blows the doors wide open for you to learn the otherparts that make up WordPress at the same time, such as Html, CSS, PHP, and the core functionality of WordPress. One of the best parts about Lynda is that you learn via video, so you get to actually watch someone build something in WordPress, instead of trying to decipher a book or string together a bunch or articles. You get exercise files and you can work right along with the instructor. There are dozens of videos on using WordPress, customizing WordPress and actually building themes and child themes with WordPress.


YouTube Learn WordPress

YouTube is a really great place where you can find videos on just about any subject, and WordPress is no different. You have a wealth of free knowledge at your fingertips. All you have to do is put a keyword or key phrase in the search bar, and in seconds a listing of dozens of videos show up, giving you possible answers or tutorials on that subject. For example, if you type in “custom post types” you will get many different results. Beware, though, because some people that have posted videos on here aren’t fully professional, so you may click on a couple of videos without sound, where they simply “show” you how to do something. This is the only downside I have encountered when looking up something about WordPress on YouTube.

Designing for WordPress: Complete Series

CSS Tricks Learn WordPress

Chris Coyier is an absolute web design and development super ninja, and he has compiled a series on how to use WordPress. From downloading and installing to creating a theme, he has created this course on how to do it all. Not only will you know WordPress, but if you really read his site, you will learn some amazing tricks and tips as well. His site is an invaluable source. On a side note, he also has a book, Digging into WordPress, which you should definitely own. I do, and it helped me a great deal. I get nothing if you buy the book. Heck, he doesn’t even know who I am, I’m just telling you to get it because: (1) it is good information, and (2) it rocks!


Spoongraphics Learn WordPress

Chris Spooner is another guru who loves to share information with other designers and he has several posts that will help you get going with not only WordPress, but website design in general. He also owns another killer website called Line25, which is an excellent source for all designers.


WPShout Learn WordPress

WPShout is a beautiful site that is dedicated to WordPress, how to use it, install it, monetize it, how to protect your site from spam, seo tips, great examples and more. The design is sleek and the information is excellent. The whole point of owning websites is to monetize and make money from it, and WPShout is there to give you tips on how to do just that. They also give you a free e-book for signing up for their newsletter.


If you really want to dig in and learn WordPress quickly, then the sites listed above should really help you out. If you devote the time to really sit down and watch the videos and try out these tutorials, then you will be up and running in no time. Building your first theme can be scary, but after you build and customize your first few themes, you won’t need much help at all. Do you have a WordPress source not shown on the list above that has helped you? List it below and help others.