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Content Aware Move

I remember the days of old, when you had to spend an hour making a selection around an object and using the Clone Stamp tool to blend it in once you’ve copied and pasted it. I also remember when you would use the Clone Stamp Tool to clone areas of an image, erasing unwanted parts of the image. Those days are gone, with the invention of the new Photoshop filters and tools. Features like the Content Aware Move Tool are meant to help you move entire objects without having to worry about the background. In theory, the Content Aware Move Tool is supposed to move an object from one part of an image to another part of the image, all while blending in the background of both areas automatically. In the sample Video below, I will show you how to use the Content Aware Move Tool, and what it can and can’t do.

The Content Aware Move Tool isn’t perfect, but it can definitely help. The Content Aware Move tool makes calculations based on what is in the background from the source area and calculations from the destination, and it tries to blend the two together. It works great for things like foliage, trees, rocks, and anything simple. However, for intricate objects, like the beams on the bridge it has a tough time making the precise calculations to create a perfect transition.

content aware move tool

What do you think about the Content Aware Move Tool?

The Content Aware Move Tool can save you tons of time, depending on the individual image itself. Combined with Content Aware Fill, Photoshop seeks to be able to create image magic with a swipe of a mouse. I’m sure your have questions about the Content Aware Move Tool, so leave your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.