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create any layout with divi

I have been using the Divi WordPress theme for quite some time. I use it and the Extra WordPress theme for a majority of my websites. Why? The reason is simple: These two themes offer the most flexibility of any WordPress theme I have ever used. What’s so great about Divi and Extra by Elegant Themes? Let’s take a look at the cool things you can do with the Divi WordPress theme and Extra.

infinite website layouts

Create Any Layout

The modular structure of the Divi WordPress theme is what makes it so flexible. You have complete control over what type of layout you build. You can easily switch layouts several times throughout any page. This means that you can build any layout you can imagine. The are layout modules, where you control the number of columns a section has. You can also control the structure of those columns with different configurations. For example, you could have a wide content area that takes up 2/3 the width of the page, with another section that is 1/3 the width of the page.

divi WordPress Theme modular page builder

Add custom CSS to each and every module

This is incredible. Instead of inspecting your site with Firebug and hacking the theme itself, you can add any id or class to a module. You can also style specific elements within a module. You can add classes or IDs to any element. This means you can fine tune and control every little aspect of the website.

blog designs and layouts

Design Custom Blog Post Layouts

If you want to break the mold and make a post stand out, use the page builder to create a custom design. If you have created some specialty content that doesn’t fit well with your normal layout, design one that works better with it.

Design The Entire Blog Section

You can make any page become the blog section of your site. You can create a custom designed blog page with a fine tuned layout that has more impact than a traditional looking blog.

Save, Import & Export Layouts

Don’t like doing things over again? Save time by saving and exporting your page layouts and designs. This works extremely well if you have a multisite, or a family of websites where you want to keep the layouts consistent. Just export the layouts and import them into the next website.

Create Web Infographics

With the modular structure of Divi and Extra, you can build graphic-heavy layouts that you couldn’t build with any other theme. With modules like the blurb module and the image module, you can have graphics fade in from any direction as someone scrolls down the page. This is a neat effect, and is sure to get some attention. Think of it as a way of making a web presentation. The Divi WordPress theme has a couple of great modules for this, with a numbers counter and animated bars. These animated statistics are much more interesting than typical static graphics.

Build Any Landing Page

With Divi’s and Extra’s modular design, you can create any type of landing page imaginable. There are specific modules you can use, such:

Fully Customizable Contact Form

In recent updates to Divi, they revamped the contact form, enabling you to create any and as many fields as you want. This makes it easy to gather specific information from visitors.

Calls to Action

You can instruct visitors to take a specific action, which should increase conversion rates over other engagement methods.

Integrate Your Own

If you don’t like Divi’s Mailchimp or Aweber integration, you can easily implement your own opt-in forms. You can take the script generated by your email marketing platform, and paste it directly into the html side of a text module, or you can use a code module and paste it there. The great thing is that you can do that within any layout you design.

easy split testing

Live Split Testing

If you’re not sure which option will generate the most conversions, use one of Divi’s new features, which split tests your design ideas live on your website. You can see the statistics on who clicked what and how much. Then, you can make your final decision based on actual numbers, not hunches.

The Sky Really Is The Limit

What I like the most about Divi and Extra is that it is made to look and work great by default, but you’re not stuck with using the default setup. You can fully customize every aspect of Divi and Extra, making your site a truly unique and personalized browsing experience. If you’ve not tried out Divi or Extra by Elegant Themes, I suggest you go check them out.

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