Vintage Style Ornaments

Everyone loves vintage, whether it’s vintage clothes, vintage cars, or vintage type. Some might say it reminds us of happier days, or simpler times, but whatever the reason may be, the nostalgia of reminiscing appeals to us all. Now, you can carry that vintage flair through to your designs, with these vintage style ornaments, provided exclusively by Freepik. These ornaments will add a decorative touch to any design, giving a look of quality and age. Let’s take a look at the collection below.

vintage ornaments collection

This vintage style ornaments collection is created as a set of Illustrator brushes, making it easy to use them in your design work. You could add them to your brush library, making them available any time you need them. Since they are in vector format, they are infinitely scalable, making them handy for print, the web, and anything in between.

Download These Vintage Style Ornaments

This collection includes dividers, borders and brushes. They are free to use in your personal and commercial design projects. You can modify them any way you see fit. Just be sure to create something great with them! to download this collection, click the link below, and after entering your email address, they’ll arrived directly in your inbox within minutes.

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