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Create a cool motion effect from a still shot in Photoshop

by | Apr 3, 2010 | Photoshop, Tutorials | 2 comments

This is a great way to take a still photo and create motion around your subject, to give it some extra depth and narrower focus on the subject.

First, select a good action shot, such as a sports shot, or a car shot. First, duplicate the background layer, so that we don’t destroy the original image. Do this by hitting command and the letter J on your keyboard.

Then, use the quick selection tool to make a quick selection around your subject and hit command and J to put the selection on its own layer.

Then, go back to the middle layer and go to Filter> Blur> Motion blur.Depending on your photo and its resolution, you may have to bump it up fairly high. I am working on a high resolution image, so I set the blur to 400. This is quick and simple, but it makes a much more interesting effect than the original photo.

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