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Designing a Travel Website: Essential Tips

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Designing a Travel Website

Obtaining visitors to any websites is no easy feat. Especially when you have products and services to share with the world. When you are working to design a travel website, there are a few tips and hints to keep in mind prior to promoting the type of travel you display and any offers or promotions you want to share. The more in-tune you become with web design today, the easier it is to create a travel website like Destinations Africa that is useful, effective and beautifully-designed.

Create an Outline and Mockup of Your Site

designing a travel website

It’s essential to underline the most important parts of your website prior to creating a travel website, regardless of its purpose. Having an outline and mockup of your site is a way to determine the best methods of communicating with others while also sharing news, updates and promos that you want to share with followers and new users.

Research Your Market

Research the market you want to share your traveling tips and information with, as this is one of the most important factor to receive visitors and page views to your site. Understanding your demographic is one of the simplest methods to go about finding the right target audience who is genuinely interested in the services you have to provide or the information on travel content you have readily available.

Researching different and successful travel websites for the best holiday destinations possible is another way to spark inspiration and the way they have created various features and abilities on the site itself. Taking the time when you are searching for a design for your travel website and business. Using online websites, comparing travel communities and even looking deeper into different types of design along with plugins and features that are available is a way to get motivated and on the right track. The more in-tune you become with the different designs available for travel sites, the easier it becomes to implement and have various tools and features developed for your own.

Integrate Social Media

In order to share promotion and media regarding your online travel website, integrating social media is one of the best methods of doing so, for any type of traveling offers or services you have to offer. Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and even Instagram it is possible to share to thousands and millions of followers of your brand and site simultaneously. The more consistently you update your social media sites and profiles, the easier it becomes to build a larger and more loyal followers.

Offer Deals and Promotions With Various Online Outlets


Offering deals and promotions with various online outlets is another way to integrate additional features into your traveling website. Aside from usability, having available promotions, discounts and deals is one of the best ways to help with standing out among other competitors and different travel websites or companies.

Test Your Website Before Launch

Testing any website or application you want to share is one of the most necessary factors to consider before launching and going live. Work closely with any development team you have hired or are working with to ensure your website is ready for the general public market online. Testing your website not only requires you to ensure it is loading properly, but that is also appears well-received with various browsers ranging from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Safari, Opera and even Internet Explorer. Cross-checking browser compatibility is a must when you are creating a new brand or an official travel site, especially if you are interested in pursuing international branding and offerings.

It is also important to guarantee that your website is responsive and works well with mobile phones and smartphones. Ensuring your website can be easily accessed is not only a way to gain additional online followers and fans of your brand, but it easily opens new outlets to offer products and services you want to share regarding your travel site.

Group Testing

Having a focus group and using group testing for your travel website is also another recommendation to ensure it is working properly and also well-received. In order to ensure you are sharing your content and website with the proper demographic it is important to assess the audience you have invited to help with reviewing the travel website you have launched. Having other users learn to navigate, checkout, create bookings all while exploring the different destinations you have available to showcase is one of the quickest ways to ensure your visitors are capable of getting to where they need at all times. Creating a simplistic website and an easy downloadable app is another way for you to build a brand without going overboard with design, colors and a confusing UI, or user interface.

Whether you want to show off some of the best holiday destinations or if you are simply interesting in highlighting and featuring them, having a well-designed website is essential in all areas and fields. The more responsive and mobile-friendly any travel website is you create, the easier it becomes to attract new potential customers who are interested in using your site and the services it has to offer.

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