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Timber Free Website Template

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments


Take it from me, no matter how simple a website template looks, it isn’t easy to make. A lot can go into creating a website template. You have to think a lot about structure, and adding subtle effects and transitions can take some time and careful planning. This week’s free website template, by GT3 Themes, is called Timber. It looks simple, but it is well-crafted to give you a professional website. Let’s take a look at Timber and all of its features.


Timber is a one page website template. It is made with a menu that stays at the top as you scroll. You can click any of the menu items to be taken to that section of the page instantly. This is handy, because your users won’t have to scroll and hunt for what they’re looking for. The header of the site features a scrolling message section. Instead of having images scroll, having the text scroll is much more effective.

The next section contains numerical counters that display statistics in an interesting way. These counters are animated, and stop on the values that you select. What I really like about this template is the angled design, which adds a different look to what would be a typical template otherwise.


You have different icons to represent different services that you provide. You also had a section to introduce your team members. There are circular animated counters to show how proficient your team is with certain skills. I really like the testimonial section, which lists the opinions of previous clients. I like how this section is divided into four quadrants, which is a different look than what is typical.


The portfolio section is sortable, which means that visitors can click on the main categories of your work that they want to see. Everything else will fade away, showcasing your best work for that category.


There’s also a blog section for your most recent posts. Images are large for this section, taking up half the width of the page. There’s a brief excerpt of content, followed by a button enticing readers to read more.


At the bottom of the page, there’s a contact form, which enables visitors to get in touch with you about possible projects. On the right-hand side, there’s a section where your contact information is listed. This enables visitors to get in touch with you in a more immediate fashion.


Below that, there’s a section for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. There are also stylish circular icons, where you can connect all of your social media accounts. Something smart that they did, was to add a search feature at the bottom of the page. This is convenient in case someone couldn’t find what they were looking for.


Timber is a one-page website template that you can download for free. It is stylish, and shows off your work in a professional manner. You can see a live preview of Timber or directly download the file via the links below.

Live Preview | Download

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