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Communication Icons

If you want to give your audience the gist of an idea, icons are one of the best ways to do that. You’ve heard the expression that a picture is worth 1000 words. The same is true with icons, but what’s great is that they are even more personalized. The style can match your brand, and if you use consistent looking icons throughout your brand, it creates a sense of unity. This week, we have an exclusive download from Freepik, which is a set of free communication icons, available in ai and EPS file formats. Also, each icon is available in 3 separate styles. You can preview the icon set below.

free communication icons

This set is available in both Ai and EPS formats. this makes it easy to drop into your graphics editor, like Adobe Illustrator, and edit them, customize them, or add to them. This also means that they can scale as large or small as you need without losing quality.

Since these free communication icons are made in 3 different styles, you have a lot of flexibility with how you use them. Also, you can mix and match them for use in different applications, while keeping the look consistent. You’ll find a great collection of communication icons for things like marketing, chat, connectivity between people, communication devices, and much more. This is really a handy set to have and use in your design work. They are free to use and edit as you like, so click the link below to download these free communication icons now. After entering your email address, they will arrived in your email inbox shortly.

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