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Free Psd File: ios 7 UI Kit

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Articles, Photoshop, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

An Awesome Free iOS 7 UI Kit

Sometimes when I am searching the web for cool stuff to share with you, I end up spending a ton of time sifting through garbage. Some templates make me wonder why someone would even bother downloading them. Then, I have these moments that are euphoric, when I have found a great freebie that a lot of people would really find useful. This week I was overwhelmed by this feeling when I came across the iOS 7 UI Kit. By Teehan+Lax, this iOS 7 UI Kit is an all-inclusive psd file that has everything that you’d ever want out of an iphone UI kit.

iOS 7 UI Kit

The iOS 7 UI Kit is broken down into easy to manage layers that are all labeled and are organized sensibly, so you can get to work on what’s important instead of sifting through layers. The iOS 7 UI Kit is complete with all of the buttons that you’ll ever need. You’ll also find the keyboard and common interface elements that are native to iOS 7. All of the app buttons are even there, making your life so much easier.

ios 7 ui kit layers

Teehan+Lax has created a great iOS 7 UI Kit that you can use to make lightning-fast mockups of iOS 7 apps. You can focus on your needs, and not so much on getting the look down. You’ll find all of the menu items and toggle switches that you’d expect in an iOS 7 device. Teehan+Lax also says that they will do their best to keep up-to-date on any changes that may take place to iOS 7’s user interface elements. This is great, because you should will always have the latest elements, and the iOS 7 UI Kit will never be obsolete as along as iOS 7 is still the current operating system.

ios 7 ui kit buttons

Download the iOS 7 UI Kit

With a great device mockup and all of the user interface elements present, the iOS 7 UI Kit is a great psd file to add to your library of UI kits. You can quickly open this file up and get to work on the user interface of your apps, so that they can be more user friendly and intuitive. What will you use the iOS 7 UI kit for? Click the button below to be taken to Teehan+Lax’s download page. I’d like to give Teehan+Lax a big thank you for creating such an awesome freebie!


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