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Free Responsive WordPress Themes

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Tutorials, Wordpress | 2 comments

Free Responsive WordPress Themes

This is a collection of some of the best free responsive WordPress themes available at this time. These free responsive WordPress themes each have demo sites, where you can preview them in action before you download, or you can simply download them from the links provided. If you are looking for quality free responsive WordPress themes, any of these should be able to fulfill your needs.

Why Do I Need A Responsive WordPress Theme?

One of the  biggest things with website design right now is making sure that it is compatible and consistent across all browsers, as well as across many different devices. No longer are we confined to desktop and laptop computers, because now we can surf the web on tablet devices, phones, televisions, and anything in-between. Responsive web design solves the problem of making everything loo consistent across all of these devices. Images automatically resize to fit proportionally, and content areas shift and stack upon each other when the layout becomes too thin, like when you view it on an iphone or an Android device. Building your site based on a responsive theme ensures that your site will be easily accessible, navigable, and consistent across all devices. The best part is, many designers and developers are offering free responsive themes, which means there is no excuse not to have a responsive layout, because it is accessible to everyone.


Euclid: Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

Euclid focuses on content, with a rigid structure that is also responsive. Your site will have a clean, minimal look that everyone will love.

Demo | Download


Oxygen free responsive WordPress themeDemo | Download


Resolution: Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

Resolution, by Kopa Themes, is one of the best free WordPress themes I have seen in a while. It has a lot of premium-level features to give you everything you need for a great website.

Demo | Download


Origin free responsive WordPress themeDemo | Download


Hueman: Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

Hueman is a free WordPress theme with a dominant sidebar. I like how your social icons are prominent on the page as well. They aren’t tucked in the top corner of the browser, but in the top corner of your actual content.

Demo | Download


Skeleton free responsive WordPress themeDemo | Download

Just Write

Just Write: Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

Just Write is a flat responsive WordPress theme that is great for a blogger or someone who likes to write about their industry. I love the flat social icons in the sidebar. The tabbed widget area in the sidebar allows you to pack in a lot of content, too.

Demo | Download


Responsive free responsive WordPress theme

Demo | Download


Bigfoot: Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

If you want to make a bold statement, Big Foot is the theme for you. It has embedded tweets and a distinct look that commands attention.

Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Fullby: Best Free WordPress themes 2014

Fullby looks like an adaptation of one of the default WordPress themes, but on steroids. It has a minimal design style, will a lot of room for content. Your featured posts are prominently placed at the top of the site, where no one can miss them.

Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Anew: Best Free WordPress Themes 2014

Anew is such a nice WordPress theme, I can hardly believe it’s free. It has a unique style and a clean look that you can use for business and personal sites.

Demo | Download


Bones free responsive WordPress themesDemo | Download


Alhena: Best Free WordPress themes 2014

If you need a theme for a business or an agency, Alhena is a great choice. It is perfect for marketing purposes, and it has a clean look and simple layout.

Demo | Download


Yasmin Free Responsive WordPress ThemeDemo | Download


Forceful: Best Free WordPress themes 2014

Forceful is a great theme that has a lot of room for great content. I love the subtle variations in color between the main content and the sidebar. This gives it a little emphasis without being too harsh. It’s a great way to separate content in a subtle way.

Demo | Download

Simple Grid

Simple Grid Free Responsive WordPress ThemeDemo | Download


MesoColumn Free WordPress Themes

Mesocolumn is an excellent free WordPress theme. It has a great section for 2 navigation menus. This would be great for a magazine WordPress site with a lot of content and categories.

Preview | Download


Response Free Responsive WordPress ThemeDemo | Download




Do you currently use a responsive WordPress theme? If so, do you like it? Have you encountered problems when using or editing it? Did I miss a really good responsive WordPress theme? Make your recommendations in the comments and I will add it to the list.


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