Free Valentines Day Vector Elements

You can never have enough vector graphics, icons, or elements. You can use them to build complex designs, or as standalone design elements. You can use them to represent concepts, or you can use them as supporting background elements. Whatever the case may be, they will definitely come in handy. I put together a collection of free Valentines Day vector Elements you can use in your designs.

Valentines Day Vector Elements

From wine to strawberries, this set of Valentines Day elements have romance in mind. They are created in a simplistic style, but have a fun nature.


flat-valentine-day-elements Valentines Day Vector Elements



With Valentine’s Day in mind, these vector elements have a romantic touch that is simple, but elegant.


flat Valentines Day Vector Elements

This is a fun set of Valentines Day vector elements for a variety of different projects.



These hand illustrated hearts and heart elements have a consistent style that would look great on cards.



These simple vector elements represent different Valentine’s Day concepts that you’d expect during the holiday.



These simple vector elements are created in a flat design style with slight color variations to add dimension to them.



These elements have a hand drawn feel that makes them fun. The illustrated style is informal, but looks good in a variety of applications.



These elements are fun, representing things you’d expect on Valentine’s Day, such as gifts, possibly a ring, an envelope and even a park bench.



I love the style of these icons, with a bevel approach that adds just enough dimension to add interest to the design.



These Valentines Day vector elements represent a number of different styles that compliment the holiday. You could use these in your own Valentine’s Day designs, or you could use them in a number of promotions. They are infinitely scalable, and have a personality of their own. Which set is your favorite?

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