Free Retro Vector Labels

Getting a label for a product just right is essential to making it stand out on shelves in any store. Competing with other products is just a way of life for any packaging designer. Any way that you can make your product stand out will increase your chances for driving sales to your products. When you are going for a specific style, it can sometimes be difficult to pull off a retro style design for a label. This week, the free vector file of the week is a set of free retro vector labels. They are in EPS format, so you can bring them into Adobe illustrator and make any changes that you need. The best part is, since they are all vector, you can resize them to any size, large or small, and they will still look great. Below is a preview of this week’s set of free retro vector labels.

retro vector labels

This is a nice set of retro vector labels. There are a variety of different styles here that you could use for many different products. The middle on on the right reminds me of a beer label. The typography used is applicable to retro design and the colors are muted, which fit with that style as well. You could use these free retro vectors for a wide range of purposes. You might use the for a vintage style product label or as a base for a vintage logo or brand.

Which one of these free retro vector labels is your favorite? I think they are all interesting in their own ways. Some are simple and some show a little more craftsmanship. To download this set of free retro vectors, click the green button below to be taken to the download page.



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