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Color in Web Design

Ever wondered what catches your attention while browsing through the web? Yes it is the look of the website followed by the kind of content that the website has. But if you wish to hook your visitors then trap them in the maze of good looks. So designing a website has a lot to do with splashing in some great colors that looks bright. This article will help you know the basic points that you must keep in mind while choosing a splash of color for your website along with a basic idea about the category of colors that looks good for a specific website niche. Here are the key points mentioned in a short and crisp way for you to grasp the basics. Then put in your creativity to spice up your website. You will find that this theory of color in web design works in other design fields as well:

  • Complement – This is one of the principal concepts that you must keep in mind while adding your bucket load of colors to make for an interesting splash in your website. Complementing your color in web design is one of the most interesting ways of assessing the kind of colors that looks good with another set of colors. Complementing and blending colors adds a level of sophistication to your website.
  • Contrast – A good contrast in your website does not hurt your eyes and makes the user’s viewing experience a pleasurable one. By keeping a sharp contrast you are able to carefully distinguish the different objects that are neatly tucked in a website. The content, videos, images, infographics are distinctively separated so that each can stand out. They will be united and look very appealing in totality.
  • Vibrant – We all know vibrancy reflects a certain amount of positivity that is necessary for any website. The website needs to be full of positivity to be able to attract online traffic and get positive feedback. Vibrancy has a certain amount of emotion involved in it. To elaborate, vibrancy reflects a positive emotion which is necessary to have a positive attitude towards business as well.

color in web design

These are the three fundamental factors that needs to be kept in mind while planning to design a website. There has been several instances when I figured out that many designers are not aware of which color in web design signifies which website niche. If you are also somebody facing this problem then below is a quick breakdown for you to know the significance of each color in web design:

  • Red – This is the color of love and passion (we all know that) but, it could also be the color of warning and adventure. Hence, most websites that have a sense of mystery in them use a lot of red in their website. If you are somebody who likes to keep things in a mystery then red should be your preferred color.
  • Blue – Nothing can emote calmness the way the color blue does! This color is all about being successful, trustworthy and all about being an achiever as well as a thorough professional. If you keep these characteristics of blue in mind and check all the business websites you shall see that these websites stand testimony to the achievements of people and boasts of success, have painted their website blue. Check out!
  • Green – We all know when we say ‘go green’ we usually focus on websites those talks about nature and maintaining greenery around us.
  • Orange – A pop of orange is all about youthfulness, it’s about campus buddies and it’s about teens who love anything bright and beautiful. So if you are planning to design a website that is all about being a college buddy, a guide for the teens then add a dash of orange to your website.
  • Purple – Talking about luxury then no color other than purple reflects it. A closer look at some of the popular websites that focus on home interior will show you that purple is the ‘it’ color.
  • Pink – Nothing beats being girly as much as the color pink. This color is all about being soft and tender, anything candy has the color pink associated to it. So if you have website design in mind that’s most suited for babies or cute little girls then pink should be your color for the website.
  • Black – No other color commands power the way black does. If your website speaks about certain official matters then let’s just play it safe and give the website the black color.

So if you are trying to design your own personal website then make sure you take the important tips provided here. Colors always jazz up the look of a website and save it from being boring. So a nice splash of color in web design isn’t all that bad an idea. Right?

About the author:John Atkins is a professional web designer based in Santa Ana, California. He is working with web design firm B3NET INC. in Orange County, California and loves to play with colors with passion. Connect with him @ Google+ .