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Top 10 Tools To Boost Your Site’s Usability

The visitors and customers are the main asset for a business website and you should make them satisfy when they are using your site. The satisfied visitors can be your future customers. The visitors should have an easy and great experience with your website. If that is opposite, then they will prefer to visit some other sites and make transactions there. Just for the reason your website is not doing good though your business and products are of high quality, you will lose your customers. Therefore, the website’s usability plays a vital role in converting all your visitors into your regular customers. There after you have to take care of many things to retain your customers, but website’s usability and easy to use feature is what the basic step that is going to get you a pool of customers. Use of HTML5 in your website is a great way to redefine its aesthetic value. You can have a HTML5 contact us page. Building HTML5 form with finest tools and frameworks are as easy as coding android applications.

Though designing a perfect website at the very first attempt is not easy, you can improve the design and performance after testing your site with the help of some tools. You have to make sure that whether your website is working properly using the testing tools and this article is going to help you on the tools that work for testing your website’s usability.


usability click density

Click Density records click data from visitors and show it as heat signature to the user. It is useful to analyze advert placement, sticky features or widgets, call to action button and other things which are necessary to increase revenue of a website.

Feedback army

usability feedback army

It is an easy way to receive feedback about your site. It tends to ask the users some questions about performance of your site. You have to let the team know what kind of questions you want to ask the visitors and pay for it. The team will proceed and get you the results of feedback of different visitors.

Five second test

usability 5 second test

It is a free service. Here, you can check the usability of your site in three ways. They are classic, compare and sentiment. The first option shows the visitors your webpage for a certain time and hides it. It then asks the visitors some questions about your webpages. The second option uses two webpages (obviously one is yours) and asks the visitors to pick up one from that. The last option uses your webpage and asks the visitors to choose good and elements from your webpage. All these are an indirect way of knowing the different kinds of feedback from the visitors about your site.

User testing

usability user testing

This website offers you the traditional way of testing your website’s usability. Just give your site demographic and this website will take care to test your website with specific audiences. The report about what the audience liked and hated will be sent to you and you will also receive audio file of the audience’s responses and video file of what they did in your website.


usability clicktale

Just like Click Density, it records all the actions of the visitors including the mouse moves and keystrokes. A special future is individual link analysis i.e. the number of clicks each link got from the users.

Google website Optimizer

You should provide Google your website elements in different combinations. For example, you should mix and match your website with different fonts, different product pictures, different headlines etc. Google will present these different combinations to different visitors and let you know the results. The important thing here is this facility is free to use.


usability clickheat

This tool provides you with the heat maps for all the clicks made on your website by different users. This service is also free, but it requires you to download and install the service on your computer.


usability chalkmark

It allows the user to perform some specific tasks on your website and records the set of actions he do to complete the task on your website. With the result, you can find out how things are easy on your website and make changes if necessary on weaker areas. It is also a free service.

Simple Mouse Tracking

usability smt

This tool records the mouse movements and clicks on your website. It works with the JavaScript code. You need to have PHP server for running this tool.


usability silverback

This is for Mac users. With the help of iSight camera on Mac, this tool helps you in recording the screen activities of the visitors. It also presents you the video that contains the participant’s reactions on your website use. Markers are there to mark anything important on the video session.

Website Templates by MotoCMS

Other than these tools, the better way to increase the usability of your site is to design your website using MotoCMS website templates. With MotoCMS Website Templates, you get a perfectly designed website along with powerful admin panel. Your customization and editing works will be easy when you design your website with MotoCMS. MotoCMS assures that your website will be highly usable and pleasing for your visitors.

About the author:This is a guest post by +Debarshi. He is a freelance writer with keen interest in web design. He can be reached at Twitter or Facebook.