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How to Refresh and Reorganize Your Content Marketing Strategy

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Articles, Marketing, Seo | 0 comments

Your Content Marketing Strategy

Is the traffic on your website getting lighter? There must be something wrong. You need to examine what’s causing the problem. One of the first things you need to look into is your content marketing strategy. If you hadn’t touched it for a long time, that’s what you need to focus on. You need to do some refreshing and reorganizing. Consider the following tips. They can drive traffic to your website again, and this time, at a faster rate.

Audit Your Existing Content

The first thing you need to do is to conduct a content audit. Examine which of your existing content is already outdated, which are still working and which are no longer viable. Don’t spare any content on your website. All of them must be included in your content audit. Take note of all the problems that you will discover. As time went on, you might have forgotten some of the things that you have published on your website. This is a critical step because if you don’t do this, you can’t really refresh and reorganize your CMS.

Analyze Your Keyword Strategy

If the keywords that you are using are not earning you the top slots in internet search engines, they are not doing what they are supposed to do. These keywords and phrases should be boosting your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and other internet search engines. Examine the keyword and phrases in the key pages of your website.

Google Keyword planner and content strategy

Are they the right keywords? Have you used them in the right places? Are they relevant to your contents? Have you overused or underused them? Admittedly, this is a tough job to perform. If you need help, you can use Google Ads Keyword Planner. This tool can help you choose the right keywords to use.

Google analytics and content strategy

Use Analytics and Web Hosting Services

To get a deeper understanding of how your keywords and phrases are affecting your audience, you need to use analytical tools such as Google Analytics. And to make your website internet-friendly, you need the help of web hosting services such as Kinsta hosting review.

With an analytical tool, you will be able to discover which content in your website produces great numbers of conversions, what web pages generate the most referrals and which content results in low bounce rates. These analytical tools will help you create your contents that are actually what your target audience is looking for.

Why do you need a web hosting server? It will make your job as a web host easier and more importantly: it will be easier for your target market to access your website. You can rent space in the World Wide Web, but if you don’t hire a web host server, nobody will be able to access your website – unless you do the job of a web hosting server yourself.

Create High-Quality Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaign is one of the most used and abused promotional tools of ecommerce companies. As such, there is a need for you to distinguish your campaign from your competitors by endeavoring to improve its quality. How can you do that? Here are several suggestions.

  • Your email must be short and straight to the point. It should not contain more than three sentences.
  • It must induce your subscribers to visit your website.
  • There must be a CTA that the reader will not be able to resist doing.
  • You must sanitize your subscriber’s list first before sending out your emails.
  • You must not overdo the sending of email to your subscribers or they will resent it.
  • Use email automation to make the job easier. An example of this is ConvertKit Email Marketing Automation

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your target market is and understanding what they want will help you save a lot of money, time and effort. You can do this passively by looking at the pages they visit on social media and the websites that they like to visit. Of course, this investigation should be limited to your market niche.

An alternative way is to conduct a customer survey or a questionnaire on your website. Ask questions that will reveal their sentiments about your product. The survey form must be simple and easy to accomplish. You can also offer a free gift to induce your subscribers to complete the survey form.

Set New Goals

Since you are refreshing and reorganizing your content marketing strategy, it will be in order for you to set new goals. With a refurbished strategy, more customers will be attracted to your website.

It will defeat your purpose if you have implemented some improvements on your CMS and not expect additional income as a result. Setting new goals will also help you increase your audience reach – and your chances of improving your bottom line. As the saying goes – “you might not be able to reach the stars, but you will not be wallowing in the mud either.”

Your Content Marketing Strategy: Conclusion

A content marketing strategy that is not set in stone is a worthy objective. It should take into account the existing conditions of the market and adjust itself accordingly. In other words, there really is a need for you to refresh and reorganize your strategy regularly.

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