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iPhone 6 Mockups to Show Off Your Apps

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Articles, Photoshop | 0 comments

iPhone 6 Mockups

Showing off your apps in style is a great way to promote your product. It just doesn’t seem to cut it when just showing the flat versions of your user interface. People seem to get a better sense of how the app looks if you use a quality mockup at different angles. That’s where the free Photoshop files of the week come in. I found a few new iPhone 6 mockups you can use to show off all of your hard work. Let’s take a look at these great iPhone 6 mockups.

4 Free Photorealistic iPhone 6 Mockups

iPhone 6 mockups

These iPhone 6 mockups are awesome, because you can just drop your design into the Psd file, and it will bend and mold to fit the screen proportionately, and in perspective. This is essential for making your work look like it’s really on the screen.


6 Different iPhone Mockups

iPhone 6 Mockups

These mockups are spectacular. You get 6 different angles in this iPhone 6 mockup set. I love the one with the cityscape in the background. I also like the main shot, because it really gives you an up close view of your work.


iPhone 6 Mockup Set


I love this set of mockups, because they took it a step further. Instead of just simply setting up a smart object file, they added a matte effect and lights, which you can turn off via Photoshop layers. This is great for getting just the look you want. You get 4 different angles in this set. They are all shown in a business setting, sitting at a desk or office.



You won’t have much trouble putting these iPhone 6 mockups to good use. Which one of the iPhone 6 mockups is your favorite? They are all great, and they’re all useful. You have access to many different angles, which means you’ll find just the look you’re seeking. Show off your work in style and impress your clients with these quality mockups.

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