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Understanding Color Theory Basics

by | Jun 9, 2013 | Color | 0 comments

Color Theory

Understanding how color works is essential for any type of designer. Whether you are a print designer, a web designer, or even an interior designer, you have to understand the principles of color theory. Knowing the color model and how color works will help you to build strong color palettes for your projects. you will be able to create eye catching color combinations that get people’s attention and accentuate your clients business and their products. The color theory basics in the following video will show you from the very beginning how all colors are created. Understanding this basic idea of color theory will enable you to understand more advanced color theory principles later on.

The color wheel color model is the model that I chose to help you to understand how color works. There are other color models out there, but the color wheel is one of the easiest models visually to understand. You can see how colors on opposite sides of the wheel interact with one another. This allows you to build on the basics of color theory and get into some of the more advanced principles of color.

color theory video preview

Some of the later discussions on color is color meaning. In this part of color theory, you learn what certain colors mean. You will learn how colors can evoke emotions. There is an entire science behind the psychology of colors. Check out this color psychology infographic. You will learn that certain colors can make you feel sad, cold, warm, friendly, happy, fearful, etc. Certain color combinations are good for certain industries as well, because they stand for certain thoughts and values. You also need to understand the cultural context of certain colors. Just because they mean something here in the United states, those same colors may mean something completely different in other countries, such as Pakistan, Chine, or India.


With the video above, hopefully you’ve learned the basic principles of color theory. Knowing how colors interact with each other is essential in understanding everything else that has to do with color. What did you learn about color? Do you have any tips for working with color? Hopefully you enjoyed this video, and the next video will be about more advanced applications of color theory. Leave your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.

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