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Using the Align Panel In Illustrator

by | Nov 16, 2014 | Articles, Illustrator, Tutorials | 0 comments

The Align Panel

I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for over a decade now, and it’s always been a great tool for me. When I first started, I loved Illustrator more than Photoshop. However, Illustrator didn’t always have all of these tools and settings to make things so easy. One of those tools was the Align Panel. I remember the days of nudging objects with the arrow keys to put them in place. Now, you can select objects and snap them into place instantly. Let’s take a look at using the Align Panel and how it can help you.

Align Objects By Selection

In the video, you can see that you have different choices of how objects are aligned. The default option is to align objects based on the selection you’ve made. If you align objects to the top edge, it will sanp all of the other objects into alignment with the top edge of the object that is highest on the artboard.

Align Objects to the Artboard

When you align objects to the center or to an edge, and you have it set to align to the artboard, all of those objects will snap to the edge or the center of the artboard. This helps you to make pixel-perfect alignment of objects instantly.

Align Panel

Distribute Objects Equally

It can be a great way to snap objects into alignment instantly. You can also center objects and distribute them equally across the artboard. When you distribute them under the selection option, they stay within the bounds of your selection. When you distribute them under the artboard option, they will distribute based on the width or the height of the artboard.

Understanding how the Align Panel works in Illustrator can be a great way to save time and work more efficiently. Instead of nudging objects with the arrow keys, you can use the Align Panel to take all of the work out of it.

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