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Web Tutorials: Are we the cause of our own demise?

by | Jun 18, 2010 | Articles, Web Design | 10 comments

Web Tutorials

We have all done it. We have needed to add a little something extra to our designs, or we have an idea, but aren’t sure how to approach it in Photoshop, so we search online to try to find out how to do something or achieve an effect in Photoshop, Illustrator, web design, etc. Within minutes, we find ourselves with a cornucopia of tutorials, showing us how to achieve an amazing and eye-popping effect in the software of our choice. After thinking about it, it becomes clear that anyone can easily learn how to be proficient in ay design software. There are podcasts, screencasts, written tutorials, and thousands of books out there. Anyone that is seriously interested in design, that is dedicated enough, can sit down a few hours per day and begin to learn in-depth retouching.

Web Tutorials

Has Creativity Disappeared?

With all this being said, many people are doing it. We are losing our ability to specialize in retouching, or image effects, because almost anyone can learn how to do it. This is difficult for most of us, because the more people that learn our skills, the more people that flood the job market. The more people that flood the job market, the fewer jobs we will have and our skills aren’t as highly valued as they used to be. In turn, we get paid less, and it is eve more difficult to stand out amongst other designers. With enough time and effort, almost anyone can create a stunning design.

Have we Created Our Own Monsters?

Our urge to help others has pushed us to put tutorials online in order to show off our own skills, and the need to make more money has put us onto the web in order to build a website and sell advertising space for extra income. There are literally thousands of sites out there that all tell trade secrets, how to run a design business, tips for getting work, and how to do it all, every step of the way. In order for someone to be successful now, you have to be at the very tip-top of your field in your local area, and you have to build trust with clientele.

So What Do We Do?

Did we do this to ourselves? Most likely this would have happened eventually no matter what. If anything it has pushed us all to be that much better. Just like the housing trade, everyone is striving to do it themselves, but most people find that there are some things that are much better left to the professionals. Many people want to leave the headaches to those who can handle them with ease. For example, with building a web site, it is much easier for a company to hire someone to do it for them, instead of investing in trying to do it themselves and failing miserably. As designers, we simply have to grow and adapt with the times.

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